Gender Inequality in the Workplace

It is no surprise that gender inequality has followed women into their occupation. From pay gaps, to unequal opportunity, to a lack of benefits for mothers, women face a lot of gender inequality in the workplace.

Picture this: you work your ass off putting together a pitch you have to deliver next week. Your male coworker puts together a pitch he will deliver to another potential client next week. You and your coworker did the same amount of work and you both have the same job title. Finally, pay day comes and your pay check is a lot less than his pay check. Now, how does that make sense? Companies are currently under a lot of pressure to close the pay gap. It appears that companies are aware that they need to close the pay gap, but whether they will take steps in the right direction to close the gap remains the big question.

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Let’s make sure we are looking at this correctly. There is not an issue with women achievement, but with the expectation of women to work and care for her family AND be paid less than men are paid for the same job. If women put more time into household chores and activities, there is no way that they can be expected to be in the workplace and be available at every beckon and call. This creates unequal opportunities within companies. In conclusion, gender stereotypes are difficult to break but if we all try to steer away from them, we can create more equality in the workplace.

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Some companies get praised for the “benefits” they offer, such as nap rooms, free food, company parties, or paid vacations. These benefits are great and all but they are not exactly what women need from their place of work. Some benefits women actually need are accessible lactation rooms, PAID maternity leave, flexible work time, and PAID sick leave. Flexibility at work is one of the most helpful benefits for a mother starting a family. Free snacks and work parties are great but they will not help a woman with her family or household chores. Companies need to start addressing their employees needs and offer benefits that will actually benefit their employees instead of offering unnecessary perks here and there.

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There is a serious lack of gender equality and a lack of respect for women in the workplace. For example, our own president does not know how to respect women, especially in the workplace. When Donald Trump ran against his opponent, Hillary Clinton, he would call her names like “Hillary flunky” and publicly tweet these made-up nicknames he made for her. Not to mention, there have been many cases of sexual harassment and sexual abuse that happens in the workplace. Women have become a target for male coworkers and male bosses. With that being said, women are not the only ones who have been sexually harassed or abused in the workplace and it is important to note that.

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