Who is the National Coalition For Men?

Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know what we need more of in this country? Men’s rights!” You haven’t? Well lucky for you, someone did. The National Coalition For Men (NCFM), based out of California, is a volunteer law firm whose mission is to change legislation that they consider to be discriminatory towards men in the United States and in the world. With movements such as #MeToo becoming so popular in the main stream media, good content has developed for men’s rights groups on the rise. Other groups in the past have tried to gain momentum with a similar agenda to NCFM, but they have not had as much success as NCFM has already. Some issues that the NCFM concerns themselves with include: female-only opportunities or events in the education field, family court cases, and false sexual assault allegations.


Recently the NCFM has had their biggest win to date. On Friday, it was decided by a federal judge that male-only Selective Service System draft registration in America is unconstitutional. The required registration of all men of ages 18 to 25 has been part of American law since the 1940s and the last time anyone was called to serve from the draft was in the early 1970s. Two lawyers from the NCFM argued their case that the drafting of men but not women is discriminatory, and according to the court, they were right. Although, no plans have been set in place to change any of the current legislature this was a huge victory for the organization, and who knows what the future holds.


As for my thoughts on the group, I think that comparing the discrimination and victimization of women to men in this country is ridiculous. Women’s rights groups and movements, such as #MeToo are here to give women a voice and to help us gain the equality that we have been fighting for over a century. To say that the injustices of men are equal to those of women throughout history would just be false. Even though the group claims its only interests lie in the equality of the sexes, it appears that the group is fighting less for equality and more against the legal protections that have been put in place for women in recent history. Maybe the reason for this group’s new found popularity comes from men feeling threatened by the growing support and popularity of movements giving female victims of discrimination a voice. We should all keep an eye out for these guys, it will be interesting to see what kind of trouble they get up to in the future.


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