Dr. Brittney Cooper: the Superwoman

2 thoughts on “Dr. Brittney Cooper: the Superwoman

  1. “Let me be clear, though. If there was anyone offended by her message, they probably should have been. Dr. Cooper’s message only stung those it applied to. ” I was unable to see Dr. Cooper speak — regretfully so. But here — this notion of being made uncomfortable — of feeling a sense of responsibility + accountability — that is ultimately what needs to take place in order for those in positions of power and privilege to realize that white supremacy is laced into absolutely everything we do — maybe even more so in academia. bell hooks writes about this a lot in Teaching Community, and says that ultimately, when white folks reconcile the need to change, that is when educational spaces can become truly transformative + liberating. Here’s to leaning into the discomfort + doing the work.


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