As a Latinx individual, the issue of immigration is something that I am very passionate about speaking on and making sure I am up-to-date with everything going on especially with the PEOPLE (asylum-seekers and refugees) trying to cross the border near Tijuana

[Note: I said asylum-seekers, NOT “caravan” –  and us ovaries believe you should as well to humanize those thousands of individuals who have walked from their respective countries to seek asylum in the United States. ]

Asylum Seekers are not Illegal.

But what’s the difference between a refugee, asylum seeker, immigrant, an illegal alien/ undocumented immigrant?

Refugee (n.): Refers to a person who is located outside of the United States, is of “special humanitarian concern to the United States” and has demonstrated that they were persecuted or have a well-founded fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, social group or political opinion in their country of origin {In order to come into the U.S. a refugee must receive some sort of referral to the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program}

Asylum Seekers (n.): Individuals who fear harm or persecution in their home country {Can ask for a form of legal protection (asylum) and must prove that he or she has a fear of persecution in their country of nationality} *A person must apply for asylum within one year of their arrival in the U.S.

Immigrant (n.): foreign-born people legally admitted to the U.S. 

Illegal aliens/ Undocumented immigrants (n.): foreign-born people who do not possess a valid visa or other immigration documentation  

Now that we know the differences between each of them – let’s answer questions and turn alternative facts into facts.

Are immigrants taking our jobs?

This video explains it all.

Now…. to responding to Twitter…

Well, @GartrellLinda, if you do some research, you will find that most asylum seekers and refugees chose Tijuana instead of taking that closer route of Texas is because they wanted to avoid the Mexican drug cartels on the Gulf coast. 

Are you serious right now? If you had any idea what was happening in Venezuela right now, you’d take that back. These asylum and refugee seekers are trying to escape persecution not go towards it. What happened to “Land of Opportunity”?


“Standard illegal immigrants” excuse you, Julie – have you ever lived in Honduras? Lived in any country in Central American? No – then shut up. I have. And let me tell you, they most certainly are asylum seekers or at least refugee seekers.

Also can someone please explain to me why people make this a political issue instead of a human rights issue? At least make it both… Geesh

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The root of today’s border crisis can be answered in eight words:

The. United. States’. Involvement. In. Central. American. Countries.

Like honestly, the United States ruins everything. Colonialization ruined everything. I call bs to the fact that American doesn’t owe anyone anything. If anything Uncle Sam owes a lot to a lot of countries.

Why. Are. People. Like. This.

If that were the case Anna why don’t you ask your local public education schools to have your children do a field trip and visit them huh?


Educate yourself before you humiliate yourself.

These are human beings we are talking about here. Reader, feminist, advocate, activist, whomever – speak to educate the population on immigration, use your voice, instill your political efficacy and humanize these “caravan members.”

The ovaries have spoken.

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One thought on “STOP THE IMMIGR-HATE

  1. Immigration is part of the patriarchal design to eliminate and oppress those non-identifying within that direct identity. The inherent idea that folks are “illegal” is indeed an attempt to dehumanize. Upon dehumanizing, defiling, and erasing their background and humanity we’ve begun to use rhetoric that contributes to that oppression. The tear gassing, the terms “illegal” and “alien” become justifiable, and this toxic nationalist and harmful rhetoric is something that the US feeds off of–the current administration feeds off of. This is nothing new. However, in light of the recent contributions to the avid anger towards immigration, “legally”, are often made by folks who consistently refuse and/or don’t often understand the process of immigration, and the difference between asylum seeker, refugee, and immigrant. This post totally validated my anger. Thank you ovaries, write on. Write on.

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