What’s Poppin’: Feminist Style

WHAT’S POPPIN’ Y’ALL?? It’s @ferociousfem here and I’m here to give you a lil’ update on what’s happening in the news! It’s going to be a bit of a rollercoaster but bare with me!

Nomination of Kavanaugh

First up! We have to have a conversation about Kavanaugh and get all of our feelings about this man and how he was just appointed 114th Justice of the United States Supreme Court. I’m very disappointed in our government right now, but I can’t honestly say I’m surprised. In a nation where the president can grab a woman by the p*ssy and a numerous amount of other things and still be president, I just can’t say I’m surprised. In addition to that, Kavanaugh has the nerve to hire an All female law clerk team. Why? Is it the guilt? Is this a chance for redemption? What is IT? What are these women thinking? I can’t even begin to understand. Anyway, while searching the headlines I found a great article entitled, “How I’m talking to the men in my life.” The perfect read and article to give anyone that isn’t understanding what some of us are dealing with.

Cecilia Chiang 

On a lighter note, a lot of you are not familiar with Cecilia Chiang I’m sure, I certainly wasn’t but once I read her story I immediately knew we needed to know about her and we needed to be saying happy 99th birthday to her! One of the most successful Chinese-American women of this time. At the age of 31 in 1961, she came to the United States in hopes to just be here, but by accident she wound up in the restaurant business. She is the founder of a chain of restaurants called The Mandarin and her son followed in her footsteps and co-founded PF Changs. It’s so important that we acknowledge people that aren’t always noticed, so Happy Birthday Ms. Cecilia Chiang!

Jason Van Dyke 

Moving onto some heavier material.. On October 20th, 2014, Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times by police officer, Jason Van Dyke, for appearing to be walking away from the officer. Luckily the shooting was caught on footage and on Friday, October 5th, the jury reached a verdict and he was charged with first degree murder. Someone answer this however, Jason Van Dyke had at least 20 complaints against him for excessive force and even had a lawsuit against where the victim won $350,000 for his misconduct. Yet, Why did he still have a job? … Excuse me, do you hear the white privilege? 


Next up! Awkwafina is the second Asian-American Women to host Saturday Night Live, 18 years! Another example of Asian-American women,  killing the game! Remember everyone, Representation Matters & it is so important for children to see people that look like them in positions of power because it was not always like that. So, Congrats Awkwafina, I’m so happy for you!

Rohingya Women 

Almost finished! These women are amazing! They’ve taken matters into their own hands in a refugee came and are producing pads and panties for other women like themselves and are even going as far as educating them as well so they can protect themselves from infections. This job give the women a chance for financial independence and one most of them are proud of their work. It is inspiring and I’m excited that this is still going on in Rohingya.

Mothers & Children First 

Mothers & Children First is an organization that was created to instill the idea that advanced medicine is better than traditional medicine for indigenous people because they were losing so many mothers an children due to birth complications that could have been prevented. Aljazeera has partnered with numerous foundations that have created an interactive program that has statistics throughout the years of the campaign as well as video testimonies from the midwives and doctors that are working to lower these deaths.

Eternal Sunshine


Self Care is the most important thing that we can do for ourselves and this app does just that by taking care of our mental health! This app is filled with motivational quotes, meditation exercises and if you choose to can send notifications to you throughout the day reminding you of all of the little things. In addition to everything @notlikeothergirls suggested try downloading this app and get an extra boost of love to your phone every now and then.

Alright, until next time! That’s what’s poppin’!

3 thoughts on “What’s Poppin’: Feminist Style

  1. I loved this post! There is so much going on in the world, which makes it hard for one to stay up to date on the events that are happening. I am glad that you started off with the Kavanaugh nomination news because that is the most popular and the most bothersome news to hear for most people. But because everyone is so consumed by this news, it is easy for us to forget about other things that are going on and this post provided interesting news that I wouldn’t have learned about otherwise. I believe that women’s news is important and having a little recap of interesting news was a great way for me to learn about important stories.


    1. Thank You! I started off with Kavanaugh because I really felt like it was necessary that we have some space and time to talk about all of the feelings that come from what’s going on in the meeting, and yes I feel it is important to take a step back and hear good news every now and then, a different type of self care!


  2. What an awesome roundup! Although we do have some unsettling things to get through in the news, I was so excited to read about Awkwafina on SNL. I haven’t seen Crazy Rich Asians yet and I am so happy that Asian American people are being represented more in pop culture movies and tv shows!


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