First Women

There have been a lot of first for women over the many years of our history. Let’s take some time and look back at some of the women who laid the ground work for the future.

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Looking Forward to Trumpsgiving

As we pack our bags and make the drive home for a much-needed break from the stresses of academia, many of you might be thinking what I’m thinking: “Sh*t, how am I going to sit across the table from racist Uncle Dave for an entire two hours on Thursday?”  Well, earlier this week, one of […]

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Chelsea Does… Racism: A Review

“Some white chick wants to talk about race. Great.” – Aasif Mandvi In a Netflix docuseries, Chelsea Does…, Chelsea Handler examines Marriage, Silicon Valley, Racism, and Drugs through extensive interviews and travel. I want to focus my critique on Chelsea Does Racism. Let me start out by saying that this docuseries, along with its producer […]

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Trigger Warnings: The Art of Thinking Before You Speak.

TW: This post contains one reference to the practice of abortions that may trigger discomfort. During my speech competition last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch several beautiful, message-based performances on topics that made my feminist brain quiver with satisfaction. Among topics ranging from sexual assault reporting reform, sexualized stereotypes of minority women in […]

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