Syriaously Women Are Rising

It has been SEVEN years and the Syrian civil war IS STILL raging on.

Sure, you only have heard the terribleness of the war and seen photographs of destruction… BUT before you scroll away due to compassion fatigue, hear me out.


After over seven years of war, women have become a dominant presence in Syria due to the fact that myriads of men have been killed or have taken refuge in other countries. So much so that countless women have been detained.

One of the last areas controlled by oppositional forces is Idlib, located along the Turkish border, which is prepping for an attack by the Assad regime. Now guess who is standing up and trying to deter an attack on the stronghold…. WOMEN.

Women are standing up to jihadist groups and asking them to leave Idlib because that seems to be the primary excuse that President Assad is using to attack the province. Which, if the talks are successful, COULD bring Turkey and Russia into the negotiations to end the war.

Is this a glimmer of hope?

On a smaller but still significant scale, the Kobane Women’s Board deals with providing the means to help women as much as possible from literacy projects to providing nurseries for families to providing opportunities to receiving an education to assisting individuals experiencing violence in their homes by providing legal representation and a safe house.


“Things are far from ideal and basic resources remain our biggest problem, but we have every right to be proud of what we have achieved so far and with adequate overseas support who knows what we are capable of.” – Bekir, head of the Kobane Women’s Board.

“We do not see ourselves detached from other women’s struggles internationally when we see a single woman suffer we feel the pain,”  -Nejbir Teyar (Star Union of Women)

If they are not detached from international struggles, why are we?

Stories like these need to be more present in the media. INTERNATIONAL NEWS IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS DOMESTIC. Also, a woman’s role, as well as other genders role in history, is just as important as that of a cisgender man. As individuals, we need to look past our bubble and look to see how others are struggling internationally. Feel their pain. Cheer at their accomplishments. And at least be educated in what they are going through, AND DON’T SUCCUMB TO COMPASSION FATIGUE.

For those who believe that only men can make a difference, YOU ARE WRONG. When given a voice and a chance in a male-dominated system, oppressed groups will come up and take a stand, they will come and make a difference. Just like the women during the American Civil War did, Sylvia Rivera did for the Gay Liberation Movement and like the women in Syria are doing now…

The ovaries stand by you, women of Syria, women of Idlib, as well as Bekir and Nejbir Teyar.

The ovaries stand with you, women of Syria, women of Idlib, as well as Bekir and Nejbir Teyar

The ovaries see you, women of Syria, women of Idlib, Bekir and Nejbir Teyar.


Join coalitions. Form coalitions. Vote. Talk about it. Volunteer. Your voice shouldn’t be silenced.

The ovaries hear you.

Some news sources that you should look at for your latest international news:

The Economist:

The Associated Press:

Al Jazeera: and

BBC News:

Thanks to: Rob Walsh from Unsplash for the featured photo

10 thoughts on “Syriaously Women Are Rising

  1. As usual I appreciate your post SO MUCH! You’re right, I haven’t heard anything about this in our news media and its just as important as domestic news. I’m not too familiar with the situation but your post as given me something new to definitely start looking more in to so thank you ovaries!! Can’t wait to read more from you.


    1. Thank you!! It just baffles me how much I don’t even know about what is happening internationally. I just really am adamant that international news is just as important as domestic news. Thank you again for your kind words!


  2. I think it would be interesting to read a blog post about compassion fatigue and how it affects everyone, but also student populations specifically. Do you have suggestions about credible media sources that comprehensively talk about international news?


    1. Thank you! I will do so! Some credible media sources that I would recommend looking at are: The Economist (magazine), The Associated Press (Twitter), Al Jazeera (Online news as well as on Twitter), and BBC News. I will add them to my piece so that it is easily accessible for everyone.


  3. Wow this is a great read! Thank you for this I hear very little about Syria and their revolution, with that being said I want to change that! I love to hear that women are standing up and fighting for their country!


  4. I’ll be honest, I’m not as informed about this issue as I should be and this article really was a wake up call to me. I tend to focus on news that circulates in my “bubble” and really need to branch out internationally! Obviously I think all parts of our country matter and your article really inspires me to be more informed and present regarding ALL types of media.


  5. Thank you for this! Keeping up on international news is so important and this just reminds me how I am not doing a great job doing so. Very empowering that these women are standing up for not only their country, but themselves as well!


    1. I agree international news is just as important as domestic news. I am glad you found my post interesting and thank you for reading!


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