I’m not your token Activist.

I’m not your bitch.

I’m not your “homegirl”.

I’m not your token queer.

I’m not your activist friend who you can keep on the side as a comfort for good will. I’m not your blanket for self validation.

I’m just not.


I’m a human. With feelings, thoughts. Words. I have WORDS sis and let me tell you that; white people have been canceled. Well meaning white women and their microaggressions have been blocked, deleted, and uninstalled. Stop painting me as a saint because I’m involved, and I want to do good for others; use my privileges to help folks. I’m not any better of a human because I volunteer.

Solidarity (n): unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.

I’ve often gotten questions on my solidarity. My activism. My words. I’m often known as that person that does so many things; all the things.

But you see, I’ve seen well meaning white women who support my causes, and then say things like

“where are you from? You’re so well spoken”

“it’s so nice you do so many things for the community, it must feel so good to do good”.

JANET I don’t do good things to feel good. I do good things because they are good, and I would like to do those things. If I have the ability to do good with what I have, then why don’t I? I’m not asking for your microaggressions, I’m just asking for your support to the cause.

You have the ability to actively support a cause, but instead you scroll through Instagram photos, as if a heart on an app solves the 1.5 million homeless in America, 21 trans women (mostly POC) that have been murdered this year (and counting), the 8 degree atmospheric heat rise by 2100, or the systematic oppression of undocumented folks fleeing crime and facing jail, you’re part of the problem. 

Yes. You’re part of the problem.

I guess what I came here to say is that social media likes won’t save lives.

Your couch will be there when you get back from volunteering, or even fundraising. 


Folks, you have the ability to inflict change. But you don’t feel as though you can; because it seems radical to think that smiling at the next homeless person and giving them a pair of socks and a hot meal is an act of social good, and thus needs to have motive. 

Doing good has no motive, except to do good.

And that is it.

I also encourage local volunteering.

Note: not volunteering your time does not make you a lesser person. Not everyone has that kind of time. The idea is to do good in any way you can, and recognizing your place in society. America is falling apart because ignorance led the election, and a bigot stands in the white house.

The same folks who shake their head at 45’s tweets, news stories, and policies with no local involvement are the same people who don’t show up to election day because they think their vote doesn’t matter. 

You’re boycotting the wrong thing, sweetie.

So I ask again:

Let’s do good, better.

How can you do better?

Comment below.


This is @socialjusticesolidarity, signing off.

6 thoughts on “I’m not your token Activist.

  1. I agree that people just assume that an individual does things “to feel good.” Which kind of goes towards the problematic notions of voluntourism and the like, but that is a discussion for another time. I pledge guilty to your post because I for one know I can actively support a cause, but I always feel like my voice is not good enough. Which, yes, makes me part of the problem. I am guilty to the fact that I tend to continuously read, scroll, like, retweet and share social media posts in the comfort of my bed but that is how far I go. I have come to recognize how I am part of the problem and have been forcing myself to go to events, to go to talks, to post my opinions on social media instead of just being the messenger to other friends on the distinct platforms. Baby steps huh? Thanks again for your words and post!

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  2. This gave me such an interesting perspective on volunteering. I really like how you included a snippet about not always being able to volunteer. We can definitely help out the community in so many different ways. All types of support are helpful as long as some time of constructive effort is given. This was refreshing to read and It made we stop and think as far as if I’m doing my part- and it makes me see volunteering in a different way. Thanks for this!

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  3. I loved this. “Your couch will be there when you get back from volunteering, or even fundraising.” I think it is so easy to think that by saying “oh yeah I stand with these people” or “I support this cause” that something changes, but it doesn’t until we get out in the world and actually DO something.

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  4. I think this is so true in way too many cases. I am even someone who is passionate about so many things and I feel like I can’t say that unless I am doing something about what I see happening in the world. Doing something doesn’t have to be giving money through a screen, there are so many other options and ways to help!


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