Feminist News

Another busy week kept you from the newsfeed? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here’s what happened this week: [CN: violence, SA]

Donald Trump is sending the National Guard to the Texas/Mexico border. He also wants immigration policy to change from “catch and release” to capture and detain. Great, now we’re holding people indefinitely because they have not rights of citizens (habeas corpus).

Israel attacked unarmed Palestinian protesters. The EU and UN have called for an independent inquiry into the shooting, but the US has stayed silent. If you are unfamiliar with this struggle check out  my other blog post about Israel/Palestine here.

YouTube experienced a shooting from a disgruntled content creator whose videos were demonetized. Surprisingly, she was a woman, which is rare in large shootings. Three people were shot and wounded, but survived. She shot herself and died.

A 17 year-old was raped in her jail holding cell by a guard. The Attorney General will not press charges, and the guard has a long history of doing similar things. When will we hold people in power accountable? Did we learn nothing from Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment?


And to wrap it up, a federal judge declared the AR-15 and other semi-automatic rifles do not fall under the scope of the 2nd Amendment. Massachusetts Attorney General hopped on that decision and decided to ban these weapons.

Now you’re all caught up! Check back in next week for my review of Angela Davis’ “Freedom Is A Constant Struggle”


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