Losing Weight in a Fat-Phobic Society

Hi friends! Self disclosure moment, I’m fat. I have been overweight most of my life because of crap I dealt with as a kid that I’m not getting into. So, here’s why that’s okay for me: one, I am not in any medical danger because of my weight, I get checked out on the reg and while my size is not ideal, I’m not dying over it; two, I’m working to lose the excess pounds, I’ve recently overhauled my diet to be almost entirely plant based with a goal of going fully vegan and go to the gym whenever my schedule is not imploding which sometimes means at 8am (if that doesn’t show dedication I don’t know what does).

So here’s my problem, the gym is my preferred place to work out, I like having options and nice facilities but people are where I falter. I ended up taking a two week break from the gym because the last time I went it was fairly busy and people stared. Now I may sound paranoid but I know people were staring because I caught people pointing and staring. On top of being RUDE as hell, it was discouraging. You would think a fat chick at the gym would be something to support but no, I was made to feel like a freak show as I did my reps and went from machine to machine.

It’s dysphoric to walk around a campus full of active people and feel every pound on your body. I want to change, I want to do better and it shouldn’t be mentally taxing to go into a place where the overall goal of the whole facility is to improve physical wellness. I also know that my experience has been shared by others, a friend of mine disclosed to me that she was actually videotaped while running on a treadmill. This has to stop. I’m not saying everyone needs to go out of their way to provide support and approval but for the love of everything at least mind your own business. No one looks cute at the gym, everyone is sweaty and gross because that’s what happens when you work hard. Leave people alone and encourage your peers to do the same.

These issues have negative societal impacts, skinny is not always the goal. Personal wellness and overall fitness should be the goal, whatever number shows up on a scale isn’t relevant as long as you are healthy as deemed by your physician. Instead of focusing so much energy on putting others down try working on what makes you happy. Okay rant over.

Until next time, stay furious.

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2 thoughts on “Losing Weight in a Fat-Phobic Society

  1. I feel like this needs to be shared with the larger community, like, URec workers. Do you think this is a larger issue that could be addressed communally, or do you think this primarily is an interpersonal issue?


    1. Honestly I do think this is a larger issue, the majority of people I talk to mention some fear of judgement or ridicule when going to UREC. Sometimes that fear is nerves and sometimes it is from experience. I’m considering going to their employees about creating a more inclusive and supportive environments similar to my gym back home which was very pro everyone starts somewhere. Do you have any suggestions for how to have a conversation with their employees/management?


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