What Your Feminists Are Talking About This Week

  • 1. California Fires and Ecofeminism

Starting late Sunday night, more than eight counties in Northern California fell victim to multiple monstrous wildfires. These fires are spreading over 50,000 acres and are still burning. They have destroyed over thousands of homes, caused hundreds of people to go missing, and killed roughly 20 people. We discussed the idea of ecofeminism with this natural disaster because ecofeminism looks at the connection between women, nature, and the domination of nature. If we take care of our environment and prevent natural disasters from occurring, we are taking care of our Mother Earth.

  • 2. Harvey Weinstein

If you don’t know who Harvey Weinstein is, you do now. Weinstein, a famous Hollywood producer, was recently called out for heinous acts of sexual harassment and assault. Women like Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashley Judd, and Angelina Jolie finally spoke out about Weinstein’s actions on and off set. These stories began to snowball. After one woman’s story was exposed, more and more women came forward. Many are wondering “why now?”, however the bigger issue here is one human kind, especially woman, have been dealing with for centuries. That is the abuse of POWER. A man in control has the power to do as he pleases with no consequences. It was rumored that Weinstein quietly paid off sexual harassment accusers for decades without his actions coming into the spotlight. Well, there’s no more hiding Mr. Weinstein. 

  • 3. Alejandra Campoverdi and Congress

A topic that has fallen off the radar in the last year is women in politics. Hillary lost, and yes, as devastating as that was for many feminists out there, there are still plenty of strong women in politics that are making a difference and paving a new pathway. For example, Alejandra Campoverdi. Formerly a Maxim model, Campoverdi has worked her way into Congress and is representing the multidimensional woman. However, all that anyone seems to care about is that she was formerly a Maxim model. Umm excuse me, who the hell cares? Read her story and learn about where she came from and what she had to do to get to where she is. Men have been doing “dirty work” for decades, so now that a woman does it, she gets called out? Hell no. She’s a modern hero and I applaud her for scratching her way to the top and striving for equal success.

  • 4. Sexual Health

We had a very important discussion about our sexual health as women. The main topics we covered were seeing our gynecologist and birth control. Less than half our bloggers had seen their gynecologist, something that shocked me greatly. As a woman, we owe it to our bodies and our reproductive health to see a gynecologist regularly. Our reproductive system is complex and can cause many health issues we may not even know we have, so seeing your gynecologist for regular check ups is incredibly important. (If you need guidance finding a local gyno, call your closest health center or your doctor. Ask for what you want, you have that right.) When you hear about birth control, the main thing that comes to mind is the pill. While yes, the pill is the most common form of birth control, we discussed the perks and downsides to other forms, such as the IUD, the arm implant, and condoms

2 thoughts on “What Your Feminists Are Talking About This Week

  1. Precious Girls, Our older group of women (60’s and 70″s) meet weekly and our stories are yours these decades out.We are with you, praying that you stand strong. I was afraid that all the gains of the 70’s when we fought for women’s health care, rights, and dignity, were being lost. My hope has returned as I hear your voices that will change this culture. Love forever, darlings,


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