Hugh Hefner: Not a pioneer for sexual liberation

Hugh Hefner died on September 27th and many have been mourning his death. I, on the other hand, have not and I am hoping that the tradition of “Playboy Bunnies” ends. Hefner has not been an advocate for women empowerment and has not played a role in sexual liberation.

I hate when people try to credit Hefner as a feminist or a pioneer for women’s rights and liberation, because he wasn’t. The playboy bunnies are tall, thin white blonde women that were groomed to obey him. He only cared about the sexual liberation of hot white girls and although he featured some women of color in the magazine he seemed to be fetishizing them. He only advocated for women to be open with sex if, he deemed them attractive enough to have sex with them.

The working conditions for the girls are, not surprisingly, awful. They are forced to follow a bunny manual. They have to be joyful and cooperative to all Playboy Club members and keep their appearances up to Hefner’s liking. This meant they had to keep make up bright, nails done, weight down, and stilettos on. Failing to do any of this can result in the women losing money.

He also allegedly had sex with underage girls, as young as fourteen. He encouraged drugs among the girls as well, but also among the club members to use on the girls. There will actually be a documentary exposing Hugh Hefner, created by his personal live-in doctor.

All of this exploitation of women, led to him making millions of dollars. He built an empire that promoted male entitlement and unrealistic expectations. Women should be able to enjoy sex and porn, and because of this culture around porn that Hefner contributed to, women are objectified. I suggest watching porn by women for women to see a more authentic sexual experience.

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