The Newsroom


In our newsroom this Tuesday, the writers and I had such a great discussion on some of the headlines in the news right now. It was insightful as always. We really focused on five different topics:

  1. Betsy DeVos at Harvard

She speaks about her choice program and public and private schools. She is met with silent protestors. We discussed how powerful the silent protest is, and how the protestors are speaking more works than they could by being verbal. We applaud you, Harvard.

  1. The US loves the death penalty. 

After the US voted against banning the use of death to punish LGBTQ+ people that the UN proposed, we came to the conclusion that the US just loves their death penalty too much.

  1. Trump attacks. 

Trump attacks San Juan mayor, and then mocks the deaths caused by the storms that devastated the island. We had already written an article about this, but we just needed to rant some more on how awful he is.

  1. Hugh Hefner died. 

So needless to say, we were not mourning too much when we heard the news. He built his empire on misogyny, unrealistic expectations, and male entitlement. With this topic we also dug into female directed and empowering porn now available.

  1. Naked Woman coming to DC. 

There is a 45-foot statue that will (hopefully) be coming to the nation’s capital. If the National Park Service allows for it to come, it will stay in Washington DC for four months. So far, it looks “plausible” that the artist can attain the permits for it to come. The statue of the woman shows a strong and independent women and we are all hoping the oval office has a nice view of her.

One thought on “The Newsroom

  1. I would agree that I am not mourning Hef too hard, but I wonder how much hyper-feminized symbols get unfairly read as misogynistic simply because of their feminine gender expression. All of this is to say, do you think that the women of Playboy have found ways to have agency while being a part of the larger system of patriarchy and misogyny? How do you think femininity plays into this?


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