I really enjoyed this article, and I think it speaks to a lot of what I have been feeling about feminism lately. “Titles are arbitrary and subjective, but you’re not restricted to your allyship and feminism. There is no litmus test. Learn new perspectives, listen to people’s stories, and feel free to share your own. Your story can speak mountains and rivers if you let it out.” This part in particular is a conclusion I have only recently reached….the label means nothing, until we make an active effort to earn it. And the last line, is poetry.
I am reminded of being at the women’s march, and hearing many women of color come to the mic, and speak to their efforts for racial and gender equality. One woman said, “Now you understand how we’ve felt for decades” and I initially thought that was quite divisive at an event where we are expected to join together. But now I realize she was only asking us to join in a fight that has been much longer than many realize.