Prima Donald (Air)strikes Again

Tensions are flying high in the East – the bombing of a Syrian Air Base after only two days of deliberation, which provoked a threat of nuclear war by North Korea, followed by a North Korean ballistic missile launch, an attempted show of force that ultimately failed; and the Mother of All Bombs was dropped in Afghanistan in the fight against ISIS.

These are all major military operations abroad and with this much action being seen by the US Armed Forces, it would seem that we have a president that is taking foreign policy very seriously. He is so involved and so informed. He is obviously deeply and carefully read in on the complex diplomatic relations with these nations. Mr. Trump must have spent countless hours in the Situation Room over these past few weeks. He must be really hunkered down in the Oval Office, bombarded with policy briefs and Joint Chiefs meetings.

But… where was Mr. Trump this weekend? Well, this website, and every major news outlet, can tell you Donald was actually golfing in Mar-a-Lago. It can also tell you how much tax payer money Mr. Trump spent on this weekend getaway – and how that money could have had an impact on social welfare programs such as Medicaid or school lunches.

So, why should we care what our president is doing on the weekends? It’s Easter, you say. Let him have a break, you say. No way. As the leader of a world power, Mr. Trump has an obligation to his people. He has an obligation to the tax payers. He has an obligation to his fellow world leaders. Foreign affairs do not end on Friday at 5 pm EST. Crises in Syria do not stop just because it’s Easter Sunday. ISIS does not take a 48-hour hiatus just because TGIF. That is not the way global politics work.

You do not run a private business, Donald. You are not beholden to a Board of Directors or private investors. You are responsible for the well-being of this entire nation. As the Commander in Chief, you have an obligation to act on our behalf, to represent us to the wider world, and to work your ass off doing so. You cannot claim to hold the Office of the President if you are never actually IN YOUR OFFICE!

As a citizen, a tax payer, and a voting American, I have a right to expect more of my president. It is not your job to play the back nine. It is not your job to enjoy the warm breeze of the Florida shores. It is your job to be in the White House, to liaise with fellow heads of state on issues of foreign policy, to work with your cabinet members on domestic problems. If you wanted to golf every weekend, you should not have run for President of the United States. This job is an honor, yes. But it is also a grave responsibility – one that you have not measured up to.

Do better, Donald. Do more.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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