A letter, from America.

A letter to the reader;

Instructions: Throughout the letter, quite a few phrases are highlighted in red. They’re linked to different links, sites, and articles. In order to understand the letter’s context, click the links. Think of it like a puzzle. Put the pieces together, and you’ll see the bigger picture in the end. I encourage you to look further into these issues, and leave a comment below, start a conversation. This letter is not intended to be truth, but merely my representation of a personification. I hope you enjoy the article.




Dear, oh dear..


I’m not sure you remember me but…we were friends. Good friends, even. We laughed, and held hands, you even bought me lunch. I know I’ve been on the news lately, my life is in chaos and I’ve tried to control it…but I’m afraid. So here’s a letter to you, old friend.

We cried and watched as the world gave us freedom, all I’ve asked. You controlled me. I needed you, and you controlled me. Stipulations became conversations about who was in charge, and you wouldn’t leave without a way. So be it. I was sad, I was at peace before but you “improved me.” Did you?

You gave me Freedom. Did you?

And now I stand, breaking at the seams. Why? I’m corrupted. Why? I broke free and let you go, but for some reason you couldn’t let me be free. I see why now. Now I’m stuck…internally struggling; but externally modeling.

I’m abusive and a bully. I see the good, I really do, but I always punish the bad. You’ve set me up to crave control, all too well. Now I’m older, and I’ve become wiser. These past 241 years have been quite a ride. I partied, bullied, got into a few fights…but I became successful. I even have my own club. It’s really just for show but some people take it seriously? We’re always having meetings at my house though. Which is cool, I guess. Anyway, I still need your help.

The world is scary, the world gives me chills. I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong. Here’s a list.

1. I shot someone’s house because they gave me looks.

2. I shut people out because of how I’ll look, also safety. No one likes a weak kiss up.

3. Naturally, apparently I’m a sexist. And a bigot. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Sex is gender and everyone should just chill out, and fall in line.

4. I’ll give back to others without asking myself if that’s what they need, if I’m really a help… I’ve given away my food; pancakes and onions abroad. But is that what they want?

5. Don’t even get me started with skin color. No, really. It makes me uncomfortable.

I’m stuck here questioning myself “Why am I so corrupt?” The answer is yes. It’s all of these combined. But of course, I’m not the problem…right?

I’m struggling. But it’s because I’m afraid. I’m afraid of you, I’m afraid of them. I can’t let anyone in. I won’t.

I’m just afraid of myself.
But it’s your fault.

Best of Luck, I heard you just got a divorce. We need to talk about that, as well.

Please reply soon. Please.

With Love,

~Uncle Sammy


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