I really enjoyed reading your post and I think you delve into some difficult topics regarding prisons. I have always wondered, does the United States really want to help rehabilitate and reform the inmates? Or are the prisons more focused on profits? Your blog eloquently answers this question, and I am disgusted that the prisoners lose 10-30 pounds on average in prison. I think it also is important for them to have proper hygiene products, and if the prisons cannot afford to keep their prisoners, then they should not have them!!! I just read Janet Mock’s memoir where she describes her childhood and transition to womanhood. For her, she explained that many women choose sex work because it is the only available means to make money for themselves, but once in jail, they cannot get hired. I think we need to reform this system. Instead of the state spending money to lock these women up, they could instead help them keep their records clean and provide them with resources to get hired, as this would make a long lasting impact. Why do you think that they don’t help their prisoners? How can we change this? Is there anything we can do at a college level to start making an impact?