JMU Has A Pride Week?



Apparently, JMU has a pride week. But, who’s hosting it?

Madison Equality is JMU’s only Student Led LGBTQ+ organization on campus that focuses on intersectional education and community building through events, speakers, resources and overall exposure.

Maybe you’ve even seen their stickers with their club logo: MadisonEqualityLogo1 (2)

Want more information on their club? Click here.

Regardless, they’ve put together quite the week.
Here’s a list of their events, and links to the Facebook profiles!

4/3 (Mon) Speaker: Robyn Ochs (Festival Ballroom A) 7-8:30pm

Robyn is a an activist, writer, and all-around educator. They will be giving their “Beyond Binaries” interactive workshop, which focuses on sexual orientation, gender identity, and the intricate dynamic between our identities.

Want to know more about Robyn? Click here.

4/4 (Tues) Take Back The Night (Wilson) 6:30-10:30pm

Take back the night is an event that, speaking from years past, brings attention to the lives of survivors and their stories. Not only is it essential to understand, but important to be supportive as an ally. Find out more with the link above.

4/5 (Wed) T-shirt Giveaway (TDU Front) 1:30-3:30pm / Out on Campus (MU Ballroom) 7-8:30pm

The t-shirt giveaway will be hosted in front of the new commons (in front of TDU), where you can come out and receive a FREE t-shirt for just being present/showing support! There will be black and white t-shirts.

Out On Campus Panel: “The Out on Campus Panel presents a collection of LGBTQ+ identified JMU students to speak on their experiences with their identities.”

4/6 (Thurs) T-shirt Giveaway (TDU Front) 1-3pm / Speaker: Tori Grace Nichols (Festival Highlands) 7-10pm

There will be a part two of the shirt giveaway.

Speaker: Tori will be giving a dance performance, “Just to be clear, I’m not who you think I am” in the Festival highlands room at 7pm. There will be light snacks.

Want to know more about Tori? Click Here.

4/7 (Fri)
Movie Night (SSC 1075) 7-9pm

On Friday: yes. You guessed it. Movie night.
Saving Face (2005): This movie portrays a queer API individual living in Manhattan, New York, their life, experiences, and what it means to be human. Here’s a link to the description and more information.

4/8 (Sat) Hillside Chillside (Hillside Field) 2-6pm

Come get some food, tye-dye your shirts (that you will recieve Wednesday/Thursday), play some board games and have a good time! Feel free to come and go as you please. Check out the Facebook page (see link above) for a rain date!


4/9 (Sun) Gay Street Clean-Up (Waterman Elementary School Park) 11-2pm

Save the environment as you please, with free food and a cool breeze. To wrap up Dukes Pride, we’re giving back to the Harrisonburg Community! Come clean up gay street with us, then have some food and play outside at the park!


All of the events are free, and most include food, and provide a variety of identities. In other words, I’ll be going to as many as I can.


I think that this week is important. Not only because these events are very intersectional and portray different identities, but they foster inclusion and positivity (which is surprisingly hard to find these days). Being aware of your multiple identities and holding accountable your own truth is very important, and these events have fostered that environment. Come out if you can, and have a good time. The most important part to being a feminist is being an ally. Yes, education is important but acting on that education speaks louder than some knowledge you’ve just aquired.

Allyship is not only about supporting those which you don’t identify with, but being an ally to the groups/identities with which you do. 

Image Credit: Madison Equality

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