ShoutOut! Newsroom Update March 20th 2017

It has been quite some time since the writers of ShoutOut! were brought up to date on current events, so we managed to cover a lot during class. Among the most popular? A discussion concerning the effects of regulation on the environment, a response to identity equality, and a review of Twitter for responses from the march, and President Trump.

Away With The E.P.A.

Trump’s rhetoric during the election made it clear that the Environmental Protection Agency would see major changes during his administration. Well, they’ve arrived in the form of cutting almost 3,000 jobs and $2 million from the budget. While this bodes well for those who see the EPA as wasting federal funds, it is having a major effect on local and state economies. Maine, for example will take a major hit to those systems which are upgrading wastewater treatment plants and treating contaminated areas.

Adichie’s Language Becomes Divisive

Famed feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche was recently criticized for expression of starkly binary views concerning gender, most specifically trans-women. She claims that trans-women can only be seen as trans-women, not women, because their experiences differ from a woman who has not lived some of her life as a man. This sparked an interesting discussion about privilege, discrimination, and a view of intersectionality that is lacking in older generations.

International Women’s Day: A Twitter Wrap-Up

A true assessment of nation-wide morale is a review of trending topics, specifically those surrounding major events. Tweets in the days following the march turned in stark opposition to the event, centering a large amount of criticism around Islam. We also looked at tweets from Trump, which are always a hoot. His attack on Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example, caused many of us to question Trump’s time as concerned with major executive responsibilities. Not to mention, several allegations about wire-tapping (with a comparison to Watergate) that have silenced since conclusively proved false.

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