Sex Positivity: Can We Stop Ignoring Women’s Sexual Experience Already?

When you hear the term “women’s health,” you might automatically think “contraceptives” or “abortion.” While reproductive rights certainly do play a huge role in a woman’s health, I would argue that reproductive health may even fall under the larger umbrella of sexual health. According to the World Health Association, sexual health can be defined as […]

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Music, Makeup, & Media

Selfie culture is still alive and well as 2016 ends and so is the shaming of girls who take them. Do you remember last year in October when those sorority girls  got shamed by the announcers for taking selfies during a baseball game? The announcers mock the girls for their vanity by taking selfies, which is […]

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Mni Wiconi: Water is Life.

Yesterday, December 4th, the Army Corps of Engineers denied the easement for the Dakota Access oil pipeline through Lake Oahe, a reservoir of the Missouri River. This is a huge win for the Sioux of Standing Rock, North Dakota! Water protectors stood their ground and have maintained clean drinking water for their tribe and all those […]

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Feminism Wastes Nothing

Feminism, or the advocacy of equality for all sexes, has been growing to encompass more and more ideals and aspects about young girls and women’s lives; each day it becomes more inclusive of a variety of lenses the emphasize the importance of intersectionality.  One such branch is ecofeminism, a movement that connects the domination of nature to […]

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