Final Newsroom: Let’s get #relevant

As the semester is winding down this is, unfortunately, our last newsroom weekly update. I’m sure I speak for all of us bloggers here on ShoutOut when I say that this semester was an incredible feminist journey with moving stories and opinion pieces- all while keeping things #relevant. So lets talk news:

Well, if anyone is talking about politics right now it’s likely they’re focused on one thing: DAPL. Sunday night the secretary of the Army Corps of Engineers turned down a permit for the controversial pipeline project, giving protestors a big reprieve. Still, it is believed, due to earlier support on the project, that President Elect Donald Trump could reverse this decision once in office. For now though, this is something for all of us to finally celebrate in headline news.

Did you see the recent Public Service announcement released by Sandy Hook Promise nonprofit organization? The video (while not giving away too many details) used subtle context in a short romance story to elaborate on the signs of gun violence in younger individuals. The chilling message this video sends to all of us is that gun violence is preventable, but we are simply not taking the necessary steps to actually prevent it. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here.

Once again, all of us here at ShoutOut have greatly enjoyed being here, keeping things relevant, and growing together as feminists through this awesome media platform. Come back soon for more feminist discourse here in the Newsroom and have a great rest of your semesters.

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