Why Your Campus Should Be a Sanctuary Campus

I posted an article last week (here) talking about the new #safetypin campaign. Along similar lines students, faculty and staff, are petitioning their college and university presidents to take the necessary measures to ensure their colleges become sanctuary campuses. The lives of many students, faculty, and staff are at stake.

This is an incredibly important and a serious issue simply because…

  •  Many undocumented students who are here have been here the whole or majority of their lives. Likewise, many students don’t know life outside of the U.S. (For example, I know of a young man who was under threat of deportation, yet had grown up in the sates his entire life.) The problem here is that if deportation occurs for some students they won’t know how to live or survive in another country.
  • Many students have been sent here by their parents to make a better life for themselves; because being here is safer for them.
  • For many faculty and staff their lives are here as well–meaning, their partner and kids.

Though I don’t have exact numbers, it is very probable that there are many students at JMU that are undocumented students. It is possible that all of us know at least someone or multiple students like this who attend. If anything all of us have passed someone like this on our campus and have thought nothing of it.

While we are talking about college and university campuses the reality of the policies, of our soon to be new President Donald Trump, affect not just colleges and universities but also youth and kids of other ages. Trump has also voiced repealing many of the policies put in place by President Obama. Legislation such as the DREAM Act are also under threat with the up and coming administration. The threats Trump has and is making affects not just undocumented students, faculty and staff but also the whole campus body.

If you are a college student there are a few ways you can be of help.

  1. Check and see if there is a petition in place on your campus to petition your college or university president to move into action, making the necessary changes so your campus becomes a sanctuary campus.
  2. If there is a petition not yet in place, make one. Get students, professors, and other faculty and staff on board to work in creating a petition.
  3. Share the petition as much as possible. Get as many students to read it, promote it, and share it.
  4. Getting the surrounding community involved. In doing so it places added pressure on the importance of putting the petition in to real action.
  5. Don’t be afraid to rally! Show your college/university president that you are serious; and that taking immediate action is absolutely necessary!

For the link to the official JMU petitions, click here. Oh, and don’t forget to sign the petition.

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