5 Life Lessons from Girls Under 5-ish

In our society, young people frequently face marginalization and are often belittled. Thus, young girls are especially underestimated! Often pigeonholed into the societally normative feminine roles, girls are viewed as primarily lovers of all things pink, sparkly, and cute. This narrowly constructed vision of girlhood rarely gives girls the credit that they truly deserve. These girls may be young, but their ideas and ability to inspire are limitless. With finals week stress settling in, here are five life lessons from five young girls to help you stay centered and striving!

Life Lesson #1: Be brave! 


Have you ever had to enter a challenging conversation that you knew would be difficult? Confrontation is an unavoidable part of life. Often times, when girls or women enter into confrontation they are deemed bossy or bitchy. Do not let this societal impetus deter you! You have every right to speak your mind and advocate for what you think is right. This young girl provides a stunning display of bravery in confrontation as she clearly explains her ideas and goals, all without sacrificing her kindness.

Life Lesson #2: Adopt an attitude of gratitude everyday…and sing about it whenever possible.


When was the last time you included “dancing around and shout-singing affirmations” in your morning routine? This powerhouse youngster sets a wonderful example of how to start the day with thankfulness. Whether you are most focused on the people (your “Allison’s!”), things (your “whooole house!”), or opportunities (your “haircuts!”) in your life, taking time to reflect with gratitude is a surefire way to create a great day!

Life Lesson #3: Celebrate the people you love!


Did you know that it doesn’t actually have to be someone’s birthday for you to show them how much you love and appreciate them? This toddler’s message serves as a great example of how to show your appreciation of others. With all the negativity in our culture, why not be the one to infuse some positivity? Train yourself to notice and celebrate the unique things about yourself and all those around you; it will undoubtedly brighten their day and yours.

Life Lesson # 4: Don’t stop! Don’t give up!


This catchy song says it all! Especially with finals just around the corner, keep your chin up and don’t give up! Sometimes it takes only the simplest of reminders to profoundly inspire us into action with the motivation to carry on. Next time you’re feeling down, remember, “Don’t stop! Don’t give up!”

Life Lesson #5: Know yourself and know yourself well!

You do you!


Although princesses are very gendered in our society, the p-word is not actual the message of this life lesson. Rather, take into account the conviction with which Miss JoJo is speaking. She knows herself and presents her argument with strength. In addition, she demands a chance to speak and be heard without interruption! This girl ardently defends what she knows to be true. What do you know to be true? Are you ready to stand by those ideals? College is abundant with peer pressure, and our larger society is rampant with male-dominance. In the midst of all the craziness, remember the example this little fighter sets!

While girls typically capture society’s attention as stereotyped objects of cuteness or consumers of glittery pink products, girls offer so much more to this world. These videos show girls who powerfully demonstrate bravery, insight, inspiration, and positivity. There is so much to learn from the young lives around us!

Feature Image: (https://jmuwomensstudentcaucus.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/banksy-art-meaning.jpg)

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