The Ballad of the Oversensitive White Males


Today’s comedian quote for the post comes from none other than Paul Mooney who stated that white people can laugh at jokes about any race, religion, ethnicity, nationality etc. but “the minute it’s about you being ‘white’, you have no sense of humor about yourself. Fuck you, you can be talked about too, this is America, fuck you.”

Contrary to popular belief, it is the straight white male who is the most sensitive to “offense” or “jokes”, mostly because they have grown up insulated from the general vitriol, violence, and virulence that can befall those not belonging to their sect. White males have never really had to justify their autonomy or labor for equitable opportunities based solely on their genetic make-up or national origin, for a good deal have never had to think about such factors. Therefore, when their place in society is challenged, certain white males tend to lash out and go to absurd lengths to justify their existence.

This mantra tends to manifest itself in the newfound haven of the oppressed white male; social media, whereby discussion on the origins of political ideologies are replaced with memes of Pepe the Frog imitating Kim Kardashian and videos of Alex Jones “destroying” someone. These meme makers drown their feeds with extrapolations on abject drunkenness involving Kermit the Frog (what is it with memes and frogs?) and Zac Efron reminding you that Trump is President. Yet say you write a post about how certain white males on the internet have Budweiser cans for hearts and semen instead of brain cells and all of a sudden its statistics and fact-checking time. No irony or humor is present in the exchanges with these usually serendipitous white males who tend to call millennials “oversensitive.”

The initial post will be overwhelmed with the white male vigorously defending his whiteness and maleness and how any attack on those two factors is “spurring division” and “minimizing expression.” Nowadays, some of those same people tend to call for American flag burners to be locked up with a 1,000 dollar fine. Most of us have had deal with these lacking in self-awareness folks so obsessed with their identity, that to make fun of said identity is not only a sin against them but a sin “against humanity.” I admit I used to cling to my own white maleness like a security blanket, fearing being socially ostracized based on my having the same skin-tones and chromosomes as Justin Timberlake. Yet I was an uneducated tadpole at the time (again with the frogs) refusing to see beyond my own perspective since mainstream society was designed with my perspective in mind. I had to make the effort to break the reliance on that singular outlook and realize that there will be things I will never be able to understand based on my gender and race. To un-apologetically believe I could hold all the right answers when it came to societal discussion was not only individually corrosive but socially regressive. For the sake of human progress, it is imperative my hypersensitive sect realizes the same thing.

(featured image flickr-Patrik Nygren)

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