Are you a Feminist? Probably

As a Feminist, I want to admit that for a while I was afraid to define myself as such. I heard people calling feminists “man-haters”, “forever alone”, and “bra-burners”. I didn’t realize that these definitions were part of the reason feminism exists. I also was unaware that any human, regardless of their gender-identification, can be a feminist. You might be laughing, but that information blew my mind not too long ago.

I want to dispel some myths and clear the air around what a Feminist or what Feminism is NOT.

Consider this a handy-dandy reference guide.


Reference book by Honou on Flickr, CC

Why am I doing this? Because although some people may use the term “feminism” it does not a feminist make.

1. Feminists do not hate men; they do not hate any gender. The definition of feminism is “one who believes in and/or promotes identity equality”. This means that gender-bashing , or identity-bashing, is a big no-no.

Well, then why does this stigma exist? Because Feminists do hate institutions which reinforce and perpetuate ideas that privilege one gender over another (ie: the patriarchy) which can be mistaken (by those who do not know what patriarchy is) as something that is just related to men… it’s not.

2. Feminism is not just for women; it’s for everyone. Regardless of your race, gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexuality, and other identifications, you can be a feminist. Do you support equality of humans regardless of their identity? You might be a Feminist!

A handful of years ago, Feminism was largely about gender equality for males and females, but as time has passed, this definition has changed. Google has not caught up, however.


Screenshot with added red circle-dash by BreakingLinea

Note: this might be someones personal definition, and that is also alright.

3. Feminism is not about burning bras; feminism might say anyone can burn a bra, but anyone can also wear said bra.

4. Feminism does not signify your sexuality or relationship status; anyone can be a feminist. Feminists are not just female-identifying individuals.

Wait… did I just say… anyone can be a Feminist? Why, yes. Yes, I did.

I’ll say it again.


*throat clearing*

You can be a feminist. You might already be one. Just don’t let stereotypes and stigmas get in the way of promoting equality! From my own personal experience, be who you are and don’t let your fears or stereotypes get in your way.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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4 thoughts on “Are you a Feminist? Probably

  1. BreakingLinea,

    What a great post. I can absolutely hear your voice! And your personality comes out in your writing. This post was light-hearted but serious; I could read it again.

    YES, anyone can be a feminist. It’s so relieving to to know this. While women who call themselves feminists bring change, we also need men to be on board–for the simple fact that they occupy many positions of high status, which equals power, which can also equal change on our behalf. I heard it once said, and I love this statement, that feminism is a man’s issue/women’s issue are mens issues!

    It’s interesting to talk to people when feminism is brought up or to even mention feminism and watch them squirm a bit. Sadly, people have the wrong idea of what feminism is and that pushes them away. I think the reality is also that there are feminists that believe in those false ideas about feminism and continue to perpetuate them as feminists. However, I do have to say that I love it when men truly support women…or when men are feminists.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and solutions!


    1. I’m glad to hear your perspective! I wonder if it’s the stigma around feminism (and gender studies as well) that dissuade those who don’t identify as female, or if they just don’t realize that these issues, and feminism, are pertinent to their daily lives.


      1. Yes I think part of our problem is that we are so unaware of the ‘who’ and ‘what’ around us, or we haven’t educated ourselves. All of this is fixable! Basically there is hope!!


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