News Room Notes

Here’s what we talked about today in news room:

TW: Rape, sexual abuse


  • 29 were injured in a New York City Blast Saturday night. While this is not directly a feminist issue, any important issue or event can be seen and analyzed through a feminist lense.
  • Bus driver, Renita Smith saved 20 children from burning bus in Maryland. This was just an awesome girl-power story in which a woman uses motherhood rhetoric as empowerment, to save a bus full of children.


  • Donald Trump is launching a “Women’s Empowerment Tour.” I think this one just speaks for itself..
  • Delaware on path to electing first female and African American, Lisa Blunt Rochester. While this has yet to happen, it’s looking good for the state’s former secretary of labor. This is not only feminist issue, but an intersectional feminist issue as Rochester is an African American women.
  • September 15 was #NativeWomenEqualPay Day. I hadn’t realized before this that while women make significantly less than men, Native American women make even less. Yet another example of why intersectionality is important.
  • Thousands of Native American protesters are currently fighting against the proposed construction of the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota. This could be an interesting topic to explore and perhaps broaden to the wider scope of ecofeminism.


  • Solange Knowles on Being Black in White Spaces, And Do You Belong? I Do. In this essay, the artist discusses her experiences with racism, specifically in an anecdote in which she was told to sit down at a concert. While she used this as an example a racist microagression, there was a backlash on social media as many people claimed she was “overreacting” or “making nothing into a race issue.”
  • Judge told a rape victim to “keep her legs together” In yet another perpetuation of rape culture, a male judge told a female rape-victim in his courtroom that she should have simply manuvered her body in certain ways to keep from getting raped. Are you kidding me? Someone doesn’t understand what rape is…
  • Teen girl invents anti-bullying app. A young woman created an app that prompts people before posting things with bullying language to give them the opportunity to rethink before bullying someone.
  • #TeacherBae is trending non-stop right now. Pictures of an elementary school teacher known on the internet as #TeacherBae have been going viral. There has been rampant criticism of her garb and questions as to rather or not it’s appropriate for school. Others have been quick to point out that her skin is covered and that she’s just being sexualized because she’s curvy.
  • Yoko Ono calls on women to give their personal accounts of gender violence. The 83 year-old artist will exhibit an installation of the stories of hundreds of women who’ve experienced gender-based violence.
  • First 3D clitoris in school? This new addition to French schools’ sex education can be applied to a broader conversation about sex-ed in public school.
  • Native American student who sat during the pledge of allegiance had her participation grade lowered. Why does the U.S. continue to force patriotism when it is every citizens legal right to sit during the pledge if they so choose? 


Feature image source: Flickr

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