Menstruation: Not Just a Women’s Issue

Menstruation is a common part of most women’s lives. It is not gross, nor what defines someone’s womanhood. It is in fact, a monthly biological process that is common in most women (notice most women, because not all that identify as female experience menstruation, whether because of their sex, trans* identity, or meta pause).

There are lots of negative connotations associated with menstruation, or otherwise known as a girls “period”. People call it a period because of the period of time that women will bleed due to the shedding of their uterin lining.

One major issue I have with peoples thoughts of menstruation, are the blame people put on girls when they seem to be more moody or emotional than normal. People will typically ask girls if they are on their period if they seem to “overact”, which is a problem in itself if people are assuming this.

This is absurd to me. People will have emotions no matter what, so just because someone is experiencing differences in levels of hormones does not invalidate their emotions. People attempt to compare this biological experience to have a direct effect on girls feelings. Maybe they have more hightened emotions, but that should not be a reason to invalidate how someone is feeling.

The next thing that pisses me off is the fact that so many guys become extremely uncomfortable when they hear girls talking about their periods, and they tend to react in a disgusted manner. What the hell is wrong with these people? Just because for once in life we aren’t talking about vaginas in a sexual way does not make them all of a sudden gross.

In society today, because we have oversexualized the female body, it makes people looking at this natural process disgusted. In truth, I’m disgusted in you people (particualarly men) for looking at this bodily experience as gross only because it’s not the idea of you sticking your penis inside of a vagina…. (I’m annoyed if you couldn’t tell)

Lets just take a second and look at the neccessary supplies to be healthy when having your period. When I typically think of this, I think of tampons and pads, which are both great ways to soak up the blood and prevent it from spoiling your clothes.

Did you ever think about how crazy it is that we make people pay for this though? For a typical box of tampons (16 tampons), you are looking at at least $5 a box, and that’s not to mention that women typically need more than just one tampon a day with an average of a 5 day period. So acording to my math, lets say a woman needs 3 tampons a day, and her period lasts 5 days. Thats 15 tampons a month, or close to one box, Which means at least (These are all pretty minimal averages) 12 boxes a year needed, which is $60 a year at least.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that we are forcing women to pay for a neccesity. On top of all of that, think of the intersectionality of being female and being incarcerated. Women get limited amounts of feminine products, and on top of that so many are lower class and don’t have extra money to spend on feminine products, because all the money they earn needs to be allocated to other neccesities.

This is absolutely infuriating that women in prison do not have the neccesities to take care of themselves, and thus are subjected to humiliation because their clothes are soiled and they aren’t allowed new clothing often.

There are so many issues with the way people look at menstruation, and society is in dire need of a reality check. In my opinion, if men were to have periods too, none of these things would be an issue for men because they would make sure they were taken care of.

In conclusion, please stop oversexualizing women and then thinking they are disgusting when they talk about their vaginas not in relation to sex.

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