Don’t Call Me Crazy

Why do we live in a society where calling someone crazy is normal? Lets just say that you’re seeing someone and when you try to tell this person why something is upsetting you, instead of them trying to understand why you’re upset they say “You’re just being CRAZY”. Excuse me? NO! Last time I checked, I was of sound mind and body. Last time I checked we were having a conversation about how your actions are making me feel, so how am I being crazy?


Today our generation of the “Hookup Culture” has now dropped to a new low of avoiding confrontation or feelings in general. This trend doesn’t just relate to one gender or specific group in general, it is everywhere! The idea that people are disposable is PLAGUING this generation. People are not disposable, they actually have emotions as well as feelings. But alas, instead of trying to understand a persons perspective or how our actions effect them we call them crazy. The laziest copout.

There is a new trend called “Ghosting” that is gaining popularity in todays society. For those of you who do not know what this is, congratulations you have a heart. Ghosting: “The act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no longer wishes to date”. I am sorry but that is ACTUAL BULLSHIT! Are you kidding me? You have had a relationship with this person and instead of confronting them like a normal human you ignore them? Do you have a soul? Obviously not when you ignore a person that you, presumably, use to have feelings for and make them think that they did something wrong when you are too much of a coward to confront them like a decent human! What is this generation coming to?! Why are we a generation of people who hide behind their computer screens and instead of asking to go on a date we text “Netflix and Chill“, which isn’t even a date (if you know what I mean). Why aren’t the people of our generation getting up from behind their stupid soulless computers and stepping into the real world where face to face interaction is a thing. Are we now so desensitized by technology that we cannot simply tell someone that we do not want to date them anymore? That we no longer want to be friends? GROW UP, and tell someone how your really feel, face to face, I dare you.


Now this trend of disposable people does not just start and stop with relationships, it is dipping into friendships as well. I confronted a friend of mine about how their actions were making me feel, in short they were making me feel pretty shitty. I sent a very constructive “Hey can we please work on this?” text and got back a ” Oh my GOD You’re ACTUALLY Crazy!!”. Excuse me? I was not aware that confronting someone about how their actions were making me feel was crazy, I thought that was called a conversation. I am so sick and tired of people using the word crazy instead of trying to understand a perspective.

Why is it so hard for this generation, the future of the world (scary as it sounds), to speak to someone about feelings? When did feelings become this HUGE scary word? Why is it such a crime to have feelings? What happened to being in preschool talking about how some kid made you mad for stealing your toy. Why can’t we just be honest with one another instead of hiding behind screens or just “ghosting” your way out of a relationship. LISTEN UP PEOPLE! If you have an issue, SPEAK UP! Nothing constructive ever gets done if you don’t speak and even if your words fall on deaf ears at least you know that you tried. AND for the people who call others crazy for trying to communicate with them, stop it. Stop it right now. You need to learn how to be a civilized human and communicate. I have had enough with this generation and its CLEAR disregard for other people, lets get it together people. At the end of the day we are the future.

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