Stop Sexualizing My Body: A Response to “Empowering or Sexualization?”

I recently read a piece by a fellow feminist that got me thinking about the different ways different individuals feel empowered. And, in turn, whether or not certain people view those differences in a positive or negative light. I’m taking this opportunity to further the discourse surrounding the topic of “appropriate clothing” and emphasize that […]

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Love Is Not Geometry

I hate love triangles. Aside from oversimplifying the incredible difficulty of sorting through one’s feelings, love triangles are overused, cliche excuses to “stir the pot.” Not to mention, a majority of love triangles promote the idea of competition in the pursuance of affection. They idealize and romanticize the belief that people should be made into […]

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Don’t Call Me Crazy

Why do we live in a society where calling someone crazy is normal? Lets just say that you’re seeing someone and when you try to tell this person why something is upsetting you, instead of them trying to understand why you’re upset they say “You’re just being CRAZY”. Excuse me? NO! Last time I checked, I […]

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