Sexual Consent is NOT a game.. but Cute Demon Crashers is!

Sex sells, and video games are no stranger to this concept. Whether there’s actual gameplay in which the player engages in sexual activity or if the game simply holds sexual overtones, it’s there. Yet, more often that not, the depictions of sex and sexuality in video games are very negative and hold little to no truth on what real sex looks like. There are countless sex scene compilations people have made, complete with visual captures of gameplay, that are available for you to explore all over the interwebs. Some of the top results on Google can be found with words like “Uncomfortable” or “Ridiculous” or even “Video Game Sex Scenes That Made You Feel Like A Pervert.”

With all this in mind, I came across a game called Cute Demon Crashers. The presentation, art, and style of gameplay seemed very friendly and, rather, cute. Nothing about it screamed RAGING SEX GAME to me. Sugarscript, the team of creators of this game, state “Cute Demon Crashers! is a silly little short game that gives a lazy virgin college student a fun and safe space to explore her first sexual experience with a partner of her choice, if she so desires.”

This game was first created for NaNoRenO 2015, a challenge in which developers must make a visual novel from start to finish in a month where completion is it’s own reward. Although this particular game did not meet the deadline for full completion, the team decided that they would continue and finish what they had started!

As I continued to read about the game, the concept of an “extremely tame and vanilla consent-heavy game” with “no plot whatsoever, and there will be no traditional romance either” made me curious as to what the hell it could possibly be.

Chocolate Berry (BG artist), Honey Bun (GUI artist), Toffee Cake (Writer), Pudding Fluff (Character artist)
Opening Credits of Cute Demon Crashers!

Upon starting the game, I was met with this warning statement shown above. Notice how it mentions the power to “censor the naughty bits” or to “stop the sexytimes at different points!

Chocolate Berry (BG artist), Honey Bun (GUI artist), Toffee Cake (Writer), Pudding Fluff (Character artist)
But can Spring Break be here already actually…

You play the lonely, single college student home alone for Spring Break. All your friends and family have left with exciting plans but you seem to have nothing to do but mope. That’s when four sex demons appear in the bedroom.

Chocolate Berry (BG artist), Honey Bun (GUI artist), Toffee Cake (Writer), Pudding Fluff (Character artist)

They explain that they basically made a portal to your lonely place since you had wished for a fling. Since the portal won’t close until after a few days, you agree to let them stay. Over the course of those days, you have many opportunities to interact with each of the characters and get to know their personalities better.
I personally liked Kael the best (with Akki a close runner-up), but that’s just me.

This game not only combats the issue of the negative portrayal of sex in video games but also emphasizes the importance of sexual consent and sex positivity. Whether you chose to agree to everything or stop even before anything happened, it was clear that the characters were aware of your feelings and supported your decision(s). Each of the characters made sure that you understood what exactly was going on and gave you the option to suggest other things or stop completely.

“We understand. None of us would want you to feel pressured or uncomfortable.” 

Chocolate Berry (BG artist), Honey Bun (GUI artist), Toffee Cake (Writer), Pudding Fluff (Character artist)
The Stop Button!

What I love the most about this game is the presentation of sexual consent, and the importance of communication between partners. On the upper right hand corner was a Stop button that you could press at almost any time during intimate scenes! There was no sense of punishment or shame upon the decisions that you made with the given choices, which should always be present in sex now. Each of the characters took the time to ask and understand what you were and weren’t comfortable with. Cute Demon Crashers! is one game that provides a very good representation of what sexual consent should look like. Although you can only play as a female character, you are not restricted to one representation of sex. Each of the different characters provide a unique setting of how safe, consensual sex can be. Although this game could not, and does not, provide every scenario possible, it’s a good beginning step into understanding sex, sex positivity, body image, and, of course, sexual consent.

If you’d like to try the game out yourself, click here for the website! Sugarscript also has a tumblr filled with more information.

One thought on “Sexual Consent is NOT a game.. but Cute Demon Crashers is!

  1. What an interesting game! I think this is such a great, though obscure, way to reach a variety of people and to stress the importance of consent and respect!


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