Is The United States as ‘Progressive’ as We Claim?


NO! The United States may think it is “progressive” but in reality, it isn’t.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I bleed red white and blue but there is something wrong about saying we are a “changing”, “progressive” nation when we clearly aren’t. Currently RIGHT NOW there are 22 World Leaders who are WOMAN (and not that is not including Queens) just woman who were elected BY THE PEOPLE to be in power. How come the idea of a woman president in the United States was so far fetched until the 2008 election with Hilary Clinton?

M32gi. The Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi. (Caption not available)

Now I bet that you are thinking “But WAIT, the United States is not that old in comparison to Europe so THAT MUST BE WHY there have not been any females in the Oval Office?” FALSE! A lot of the countries who have elected females as their heads of state are a lot younger than the United States such as India. India gained its independence from the United Kingdom (also known as Great Britain) through a long and strenuous process which had a lot of civil wars due to the desire for an Islamic state (thus the creation of Pakistan) Pakistan and India gained their official independence from the United Kingdom through the Indian Independence Act of 1947. So when Gandhi was marching in the Salt March trying to gain independence for his fellow indians most of our grandparents had already been born. In the life time of your grandparents (or parents depending on your age) India was NOT a country. In 1966, in the lifetime of MOST of our parents (if you are a 90’s baby like myself) a woman would have been the President of India. INDIA! A country that is rich in history for its spices but so young in the eyes of World History or even in the history of the United States! Now I have read a lot about Indira Gandhi (no relationship to the famous Mohandas Gandhi) she was a total badass. She ruled India until her shady death in 1977. Nevertheless a woman ruled the conservative country of India for 11 years! There has not even been a female who has made it past the primaries and gotten a nomination yet and it is 2015 people!


Now, you MUST be thinking, well India is so different than the United States so they have different polities and she WAS the daughter of the 1st president in India, so she got her position because she had an “in”. Let me draw your attention to the 1980’s when Neon leg warmers, school house rock and Guys with one earring were a thing. Across the pond in the United Kingdom was Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The United States and United Kingdom are not so different in popular culture, we share a lot of the same music and actors. 1979 Thatcher was sleeping comfortably on 10 Downing Street where she would call this house a home until 1990. Thatcher ruled the United Kingdom with an Iron Fist and although she was not well liked at the time, she set up the economy of the United Kingdom for them to be sitting comfortably now while Greece is struggling (to say the least).

Now you MUST be thinking, well no one liked her so why does it matter? LET me tell YOU WHY THIS MATTERS! In the United States TODAY in 2015 WOMAN are STILL PAID LESS THAN MEN! Woman can do the same work, in the same position and STILL not be equal to men; WHY! Why should any person doing the same amount of work be paid less for the simple fact that one is a male and one is a female.  Learn More about Unequal Pay

If these examples simply are not enough to convince you, I ENCOURAGE YOU to CHALLENGE ME! Here is the link where you can find all the current and past female leaders. Tell me I am wrong, tell me that after reading this that the United States is still “progressive“.  Female World Leaders

One thought on “Is The United States as ‘Progressive’ as We Claim?

  1. This is said perfectly. The GOP Debate made me way too upset last night, women are just as capable!


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