Sexist Jokes that are just NOT OKAY (aka all of them )

I thought that I’ve reached a point in my life when I was done hearing sexist jokes. Obviously I’ve just refrained from befriending the ass holes here at JMU. For the first time in a while, I was sitting down and relaxing on campus when I heard a guy talking to a group and he had an extremely offensive message to say. Read more on my post to hear why I think no part of sexist jokes are funny, and also why I still want to punch the guy who made the comment.


“What do you do when your dishwasher stops working? Beat her.” Literally about to punch the kid who just said that… There are so many things fucked up with this statement, and it completely infuriates me. What makes this so messed up is not only that it’s completely sexist, but that these kinds of jokes can just come out of someones mouth without restraint.

In two fold, wrong with this statement: this “joke” first of all reinforces the gender roles that women should be cleaning and working in the kitchen, and also that it is okay to use domestic violence.

Breaking down this gender role and stereotype that women belong in the kitchen. This is the worst in my opinion, to just reinforce that women are supposed to stay home and cook and clean while the man or husband in the relationship work and bring home all of the money. This terrible attempt at a joke also normalizes domestic violence and reinforces the ideas that it is okay to beat your partner. This is absolutely horrible, and domestic violence is a huge issue in today’s society, but so many victims don’t feel comfortable coming forward because of potential dangerous situations they are in with their partners. Just a plug, if you or anyone you know is experiencing any form of domestic violence, please check out The National Domestic Violence Hotline website, where you can find lots of resources and a 24/7 hotline.

There are so many ridiculously offensive jokes out there, and so often people don’t take the time to think about what their words actually mean and how they make other people feel when they say these “jokes”. This is not just with sexist jokes, and sadly there are plenty other offensive jokes that involve religion, race, poverty, at risk youth. So basically what I’m saying is that there are too many possibilities for people to make jokes that will offend someone.

The next time you decide to make a joke, think about who you’re talking to, and if you don’t know them well, realize that you could be offending them in a big way but trying to be funny. But most importantly, just don’t make offensive jokes. I know that can be hard, and I know that I personally can throw a lot of shade sometimes, but just stopping and taking a moment to think can really make the difference between someone being upset and someone laughing.

3 thoughts on “Sexist Jokes that are just NOT OKAY (aka all of them )

  1. Yes! Jokes DON’T have to hurt people to be funny. Last night a guy came to my house while we were watching Garfunkel and Oates, (a super funny female, musical-comedy duo with a series on Netflix, *I def. recommend.) and the whole time he didn’t even talk about whether or not they were funny, or talented, but instead joked about nothing except their appearance and which one he would rather have sex with. How do people not realize how offensive and degrading they can so easily be to other people? I guess the best thing we can do, even though it’s hard sometimes, is to speak up when we hear it and try to give these ignorant assholes some education about why what they’re doing is wrong! Because it’s kind of important for the good of humanity.


    1. Yeah, that’s absolutely ridiculous! And I wish I could just make people stop and think sometimes about what their words actually mean. Also, in response to that dude, women are not here just to pleasure you, so he can just not talk if the only thing he’s going to talk about is which one he’d rather have sex with. I agree though, that the way to fix this is to speak up even if it creates an uncomfortable situation. Someone has to put these assholes into their place.


  2. The way that you wrote this is spot on. I completely agree with your message, but what is more is your passion about this topic. I found myself getting riled up while reading it because of how strongly you felt about this. When will people learn that sexist jokes and remarks, ESPECIALLY SEXIST JOKES THAT ALLUDE TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, are not funny!!!


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