Fertility Apps: Putting birth control in your control!

I’ve heard about fertility apps when browsing online but to be honest, I don’t know anyone that uses them. Frankly, I wasn’t even sure exactly what they did or how they worked. I assumed that fertility apps were for people trying to get pregnant or who had difficulty getting pregnant. After doing some research, I realized I couldn’t have been more wrong. Fertility apps are for all women and their partners, regardless of the reason for use. Whether you’re planning on having a baby, trying to avoid pregnancy or you simply want to be more in tune to your body, fertility apps are the reproductive health tool of the future!

When looking into this more, I realized that there are so many fertility apps on the market! How are you supposed to know which one suits you and your partner’s needs? When I was researching, I found that there are two types of fertility app: with a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) thermometer, and without. Contrary to popular belief, BBT is typically taken orally not vaginally.

The apps that don’t measure BBT are not quite as accurate but they’re cheaper and still aid in getting pregnant, avoiding pregnancy and cycle tracking. These are a good option if you are new to fertility apps and want to give them a try before purchasing a BBT thermometer. If you’re using the app to avoid pregnancy, I would use a back up form of birth control until you’re sure this method is working for you and your partner. Some popular apps of this type for both Android and iPhone are Clue, Glow and Ovuline/Ovia.

The apps that measure BBT along with tracking your cervical fluids are highly effective. Research shows that when used correctly and consistently, FAM (fertility awareness method) can be just as effective as oral contraceptives or condoms. The same technology that helps you plan for pregnancy, can help you avoid it hormone free!! Currently Kindara (the app) + Wink (the corresponding BBT thermometer) is the only system available for both Android and iPhone users. The Wink hardware is a bit pricy ($79.00) but it’s really nothing when you consider the monthly cost of birth control. Co-founder and CEO William Sacks explains that:

“In designing Wink, we wanted to give women a product and an experience to help them feel in charge and on top of their reproductive health”

What’s really unique is that within this app, they have an online community for you to ask questions! Kindara also has a blog for women and their partners to read reviews, tutorials, women’s health news and more. Regardless of if you choose to use fertility apps, this is a fantastic resource to help you and your partner better understand your body and reproductive health.

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy or track your cycles, know that fertility apps are a safe and effective option. Take control of your reproductive health and check out Kindara’s blog for more information!

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