Quick Hit: Staying Strong in Black Panties

Today I came across a blog post by January Harshe that details her journey to loving her body. She explains participating in The 4th Trimester Bodies Project  and states:

“It was an empowering day during which I felt pampered, loved, and accepted as the beautiful goddess that I am. I had a blast. In my underwear. At my heaviest weight.”


January’s photos and story, along with the full 4th Trimester Bodies Project, show that these women love and accept their post-baby bods. And if society doesn’t…well screw ’em. These ladies are strong, powerful, beautiful and most importantly: they’re changing perspectives and that’s pretty damn great.

2 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Staying Strong in Black Panties

  1. Wow, I loved looking at all of the pictures from the Fourth Trimester Project! These pictures are so beautiful and valuable to mothers and women in general. So often women are bombarded by messages from the media to “drop to baby weight fast” and are presented with images of beautifully airbrushed celebrity mothers, who look like they didn’t even have a baby! The Fourth Trimester Project photographs remind women and mothers, that stretch marks, cellulite, height, weight, etc. don’t matter because your body is beautiful and strong and capable of carrying and nurturing a child- which is pretty amazing.


    1. I definitely agree with you! The Fourth Trimester Project is awesome because it’s the first project to challenge that “drop the baby weight” idea. I also thought it was cool that the photographs were taken in different cities across the U.S. The photographs are so beautiful and I just can’t get over all of the love in them! Glad you enjoyed this too!


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