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What If Women and Girls Ruled The World?

What would the world be like if women and girls were in charge? It’s an interesting and thought provoking question isn’t it? BK Nation, a website dedicated to building knowledge and leadership, is publishing a new blog series this fall entitled “If Women and Girls Ruled the World….” On the BK Nation website they have a similar blog series posted from Women’s History Month and the photos, videos, poems and other written works are seriously powerful.

When I saw their previous blog series it got me super excited for this new project! I would summarize their intro to the Women’s History Month blog, but I don’t think I could do it justice. So here it is:

“Today a female will give birth, a female will be raped, a female will laugh, a female will awake. In light of Women’s History Month in March, we are here to honor the female, women and girls on this planet–in all their hardships, triumphs, and successes. The females who hold our hands and who replenish our mental ache. The females who continue to love in spite of it all, and the females who paved the way for equality and for belief in the greatness of woman and of girl power. Please join us throughout this month as we listen and engage with the voices of both males and females, as we analyze what it would be like if women and girls ruled the world.—The BK Nation Editorial Team”

When looking at this collection I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to tell everyone I knew that they were doing another compilation of “If Women and Girls Ruled the World…” I know so many talented men and women who would have some great works to add to this! Currently, I’m trying to put my poetry hat back on and write something to submit myself. I got really inspired to write something when I read the poem Learn to Love a Daughter by Christina Stopka-Rinnert. This poem really hit home for me. No shame, I totally started tearing up reading it. If you have some time and some tissues, definitely check out Christina’s poem and the rest of the works on the blog too!

Women’s voices are so minimally heard in the media, and if they are they’re talking to or about men. This is our chance. Our chance to represent ourselves how we want, say what we want, challenge the norms and simply express ourselves and how it feels to experience life as a woman.

Submissions are due Friday, October 3, 2014 and submission details can be found here. I encourage all ShoutOut JMU readers and bloggers to submit something to this awesome project!

2 Responses to “What If Women and Girls Ruled The World?”

  1. mustbeamermaid

    Wow, this is so exciting! I definitely want to enter… thanks for letting us all know, ChelleBelle! Also, I loooove that poem, thanks for sharing:)



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