Quick Hit: Why This Dude Needs Feminism

Often, we focus on the benefits of feminism for women but don’t always see how others can benefit as well. Men involved in feminism not only support it because they recognizing everyone should be treated equally, but also helps to redefine gender norms for both femininity and masculinity. Vlogger Connor Manning talks about men and feminism in his latest video and how it helps to break down traditional gender norms and expectations of masculine performance.

He talks about how he not only supports feminism because “women have been the systematically oppressed gender […] and that is not even taking into account trans* people and anyone else who falls off the gender binary” but also because it helps to culturally redefine masculinity. Feminism should allow people to explore their gender performance and not feel constrained to traditional gender norms.

I love his video because of the focus on WHY we need to talk about feminism because change happens on the individual level in order to create cultural and social change. At the end of the day, I agree with what Manning says: “I need feminism because everyone needs feminism.”


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