Quick Hit: Donald Sterling’s racist comments!

This audio recording of LA Clipper’s Owner Donald Sterling is almost too insane to believe. I feel like it can’t be real. The amount of racist comments that he said and the degrading of his girlfriend who is, in fact, mixed herself is appalling. At one point his girlfriend asks “Do you know that I’m mixed?” and he responds, “You told me you were going to remove those.” He also goes on to say, “It bothers me that you want to broadcast that you are associating with black people.” It was tough to get through the whole recording but I found it ironic that he ends up telling his girlfriend… “you really know how to hurt people.” The amount of pain he caused her and the many people who saw this is more than that of the few statements she made to try and stick up for herself. He goes on to say to his girlfriend “you’re just a big fighter, I can see, who would want to live with a woman like you?” “You’re a born fighter.” In my opinion, she did not fight enough actually. She ends up calling him “honey” and asking why he is mad in a calm, sympathetic voice. Way too nice for a person who just got told she should remove her heritage.

donald sterling


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