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Why She’s Never Going Back To The Creamy Crack!

I have a lot of talented people in my life, including this fabulous woman, Tracey Johnson. She is a senior at William & Mary, a trendsetter, a blogger, and an overall incredible human that most people want to be more like. That’s why after spending a lot of her life relaxing her hair, it was a big deal for her to go all natural AND post about it! You can find her article/blog here. Now, if you are not familiar with black hair care or the natural movement, no worries I’ll explain it all!

tracey hair!

First things first there are probably many people who are saying “What is creamy crack?” “What does relaxing your hair mean?”, etc. No fear! Here are a couple clarifications to get you familiar.

Creamy crack: She refers to the creamy hair product that is used to straighten and smooth the kinks in black women’s hair.

Relaxing: The act of using these products to achieve the smooth, straightened look.

As a white women, this was once a foreign concept to me. Lucky for me, friends like Tracey enlightened me into a whole other world of black hair care and the natural movement. Just like other issues regarding beauty, there is an ideal and people are judged based on this ideal. The natural movement has changed the game because now there are two different ideals. On one side, if your hair is not relaxed you aren’t viewed as pretty as other women who’s hair is relaxed. On the other side, women with natural hair look down upon people who have conformed to this ideal look. Tracey writes…

I think all hair should be embraced and not used as a point of contention for women within the black community.  I’m so sick of #TeamNatural and #TeamRelaxer. How about team #GetADegree, team #SaveTheWorld, team #IHaveBetterThingsToDoThanSitAroundAllDayAndWorryAboutOtherFolks’Hair? DO YOU!

This is one of the many reasons I LOVE her blog! She went natural but doesn’t look down upon women who use relaxers because at the end of the day HAIR IS JUST HAIR! Just like your body doesn’t define you, your style of dress doesn’t define you, your hair doesn’t define you either. If we are so focused on the outside, like our bodies and our hair, we are not giving ourselves enough credit! We are much more than our outward appearance. Everyone should feel free to express themselves how they would like and not be stereotyped or put into a stigma just because of their style! Rock on Tracey! What do you all think about this issue? Comment and let me know! Also, in case you missed the link in the beginning, be sure to check out Tracey’s blog, Traces of Space.

3 Responses to “Why She’s Never Going Back To The Creamy Crack!”

  1. truequeerlatte

    As a black woman, I have felt the pressure to have straight hair for as long as I can remember in order to conform to white beauty standards. I still feel it and it starts very young. My six year old sister drew a picture of herself as a teacher in the future. Though she has tight curls, in the picture her hair was long and straight. When I asked her why she told me, “How am I supposed to be a teacher if I don’t have straight hair?” I don’t think people realize that conforming to beauty standards goes beyond being viewed as pretty/beautiful and extends into being taken seriously as a professional. Nice Post!


  2. truequeerlatte

    Another note, it has been very empowering to see more and more black women embracing natural styles and I have even found black children’s books, one of which I bought for my sisters that combat the idea that black isn’t beautiful.



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