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Quick Hit: The Illusionists Teaser

The idea of a documentary exposing the beauty industries deep, dark secrets is not necessarily a new concept. Neither is the idea that these secrets and tricks deceive the public (mainly women) into believing in an unattainable, ideal body type. What is a relatively new concept, is the idea that the Western beauty standards are being forced onto other cultures. The Illusionists is a documentary that aims to explain this phenomenon in more detail, as well as uncover the detrimental consequences.


This teaser got me excited for the full documentary to come out! I was so intrigued that people from other cultures are being sold skin lightening products to look more Western, yet we are sold self tanners and tanning beds! I also found it interesting that most of the reasoning behind embodying the Western image was mainly economic. Money and power come from the Western world and so when people from other cultures only see certain advertisements, they consequently believe that they must look this way to be successful. In the documentary one scholar notes that:

“The notion of how you join globalized culture, is the taking of the western body.”

I can’t wait to see the full documentary because it seems like a really interesting point of view that hasn’t been fully explored yet by alternative media. I also love that on The Illusionists Vimeo page the teaser video is available with English, Spanish, French and Italian subtitles so it really is marketed to people world wide.

Check out the teaser and let me know what you think about this upcoming documentary!

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