Quick Hit: Target’s Photoshop Fail

It’s pretty much widely recognized that every beauty or fashion merchandise advertisement is airbrushed and photo-shopped to some extent. I mean, its sad that our society still thinks that’s somehow okay to do, especially since its false advertisement when you change someone’s facial appearance and body image in order to sell something. But unfortunately all we can do is recognize that it’s fake and those people do not look like that in person; they look like actual human beings, flaws and all.

A great example of these unrealistic advertisements is the semi-recent scandal from Target. They were caught a little while ago,with a horrifically photo-shopped image of a model advertising a bathing suite from the juniors department; her arms were elongated to end at her knee and her crotch was cropped so that she could have a much more predominant thigh-gap. Here are the actual pictures from Target’s online-shopping website:

From Huffingtonpost.com
From Huffingtonpost.com
From Huffingtonpost.com
From Huffingtonpost.com

Notice the weirdly long arm and cut-out crotch? These ridiculous photos were found by a writer from Jezebel, who instantly felt the need to call them out–rightly so.

After the scandal of course, Target took down the page and apologized. However this incident just goes to show that our society keeps producing crap like this, no matter how people react to it. Airbrushing and photo-shopping aren’t going out of style (so to speak) anytime soon, and as part of an engaged public we must consciously recognize those adds are most of the time fake. We must also remind ourselves to be thankful that our bodies aren’t the ones being disfigured for the world to see.

Here’s a humorous video from the Ellen show, where the disfigured model makes an appearance, long arms and all.

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