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Quick Hit: Your Daughter is Not Your Property!

My father has never really been the type of guy to threaten my boyfriends. Even though my father was never over protective of me, I know that this is something that a lot of women struggle with. I recently came across an article entitled “Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex” and I have to say, it was amazing.

The blog post is Ferrett Steinmetz’s response to the article “Daddy’s Rules for Dating” that has been virally circulating the internet world. “Daddy’s Rules for Dating” are not only ridiculous, they are super creepy and possessive:

“Rule Two: You do not touch my daughter in front of me. You may glance at her, so long as you do not peer at anything below her neck. If you cannot keep your eyes or hands off of my daughter’s body, I will remove them.”

This one in particular really bothers me because it is his daughter’s body, not his. Also, wouldn’t he hope that his daughter would be in a relationship where her partner found her beautiful?

Steinmetz’s response is truly wonderful:

“Look, I love sex. It’s fun. And because I love my daughter, I want her to have all of the same delights in life that I do, and hopefully more. I don’t want to hear about the fine details because, heck, I don’t want those visuals any more than my daughter wants mine. But in the abstract, darling, go out and play.”

“You’re not me. Nor are you an extension of my will. And so you need to make your own damn mistakes, to learn how to pick yourself up when you fall.”

These two articles take vastly different perspectives and to me, the “Daddy’s Rules for Dating” piece is pretty sick and twisted (even if it is supposed to be funny). What do you guys think?



2 Responses to “Quick Hit: Your Daughter is Not Your Property!”

  1. mymanifesta

    This is incredible. I definitely have to look more into this. The idea of fathers still being so possessive of their daughters in today’s day and age really grosses me out. Even the idea that federally funded purity balls take place every year with attendance in the hundreds of thousands is so ridiculous. Good for Steinmetz for taking this conversation in a more positive direction.


    • ChelleBelle

      Yeah I didn’t even think about the purity ball thing! Don’t fathers and daughters go together? Super gross/creepy/possessive. Glad you liked the post! I hope you get a chance to read the original article it was awesome!



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