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Quick Hit: Ursula slimmed down to nothing!!

I found this really interesting video of a woman speaking out about the decision to make Ursula, the evil “witch” from The Little Mermaid, a slimmer version of herself. I looked into this story and sure enough, it was true. Disney took many popular villains and made them into tiny sized dolls and merchandise. This new Ursula doll looks so different it should not even be considered the same character who we came to know. A high powered, strong woman who was seemingly comfortable in her own skin before her “transformation” is now unrecognizable. Parents worry, rightfully so, that this slimmer version of these iconic characters will send the wrong message to their daughters as they grow up. In my opinion, it is RIDICULOUS, that Disney felt the need to make Ursula a skinny doll. LIKE WHAT?! That is not even the same person!!! You just created a new character for no other reason than to succumb to the popular (horrible) opinion that women have to be thin in order to be beautiful.

What are your thoughts on this?!?

Does this even look like Ursula to you!?


2 Responses to “Quick Hit: Ursula slimmed down to nothing!!”

  1. mymanifesta

    I can’t believe this is real life. That doll literally is ridiculous. Thanks for sharing this post. And um, Ursula is an octopus right? or a squid? haha either way….. turning an animal into a size zero supermodel in a ball gown doesn’t even make sense. As progressive as Disney is becoming with movies like Frozen, you wonder who would approve a decision such as this one.


    • cpowell92

      Thanks for your comment mymanifesta! I I could not agree more! Reducing sea animals to a size zero doesn’t even make sense in general, much less for Disney! I am hoping the doll wasn’t very popular but I never looked into that. I wonder if it was a man or a women who approved of this….?



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