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Quick Hit: Lorde Reminds Fans that Flaws are OK!!

Lorde recently uploaded two photos to Twitter—one untouched and one retouched—to remind her fans that the images of celebrities, presented by the media, are illusory. She wants people to remember that “flaws are ok.”View image on TwitterLORDE

Not only do I respect Lorde for her music, I find it inspiring that this talented public figure to give this little reminder to her followers. Whether it’s a post like this, or a song like “***Flawless,” reminders that the celebrity “ideal appearance” is all a giant ruse, is crucial.

In this day and age, a lot of attention has been turned to the prevalent and heavy-handed editing of photos portrayed in the media, like magazine covers. The public has, for the most part, debunked assumptions that most men and women featured in magazines, or on movie screens,are as “perfect” as they appear. However, it is so important to assume the same about less scrutinized forms of media, such as this photo from Lorde’s live performance.

The difference between the two photos shows how intensely Photoshopped every photo, presented by the media, has the potential to be. By slamming the retouched photos that hid her acne, Lorde let’s people know that it’s common to have imperfect skin. While the media perpetuates the idea that it is wrong, or abnormal, to have blemishes, Lorde fights back. Think: Proactive, Neutrogena, and Clearasil commercials, airbrushed photos of models and celebrities thrown around left and right, and the general consensus to view acne as unacceptable. People like Lorde encourages others to feel comfortable in their own skin (pun intended.) You go girl. Keep promoting individuality, because perfect is BORING.

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