Sunday Night Spotlight

Bestlittlelion92 and Ladychaotica21 found this article, showing that teenagers are changing the ideas of feminism, by simply proving they want to be part of it! Check out this link for more details.

Truequeerlatte found this article defending HBCUs from claims that they are more homophobic than PWIs.

Cpowell92 is shocked by this overt display of sexual aggression by this older man on an underage girl. On an airplane no less!!

ChelleBelle asks,where is the line between love and control? This article shows a short PSA from loveisrespect, a collaboration between Break the Cycle and the National Dating Abuse Helpline. It clearly shows what a conversation looks like when it crosses the line from friendly and casual, to controlling and possessive.

XenaWarriorPrincess found “Woman Attacked Uses #nonmakeupselfie to Raise Money for Rape Victims.” This article literally made my jaw drop. A women in England attending Oxford was gropped at a night club, and while telling the man who did so that it was rude and unacceptable, she was punched 7 times in the face by him. To raise awareness and money for rape victims, she posted a #nomakeupselfie to show her bruises and broken nose.

Redheadfemme found an equally hilarious and insightful video about the lack of representation and diversity in Hollywood. A parody to Lorde’s “Royals” this song playfully, but effectively, pinpoints Hollywood’s major flaw.

Spongebobbloggerpants invites you to read about “What Feminism Really Means” in this article. Feminism is about EQUALITY, not women against the rest of the world…let’s not forget that.

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