Quick Hit: Role Reversal? Yes, Please!

I was browsing through Buzzfeed when I stumbled upon this article that has seemed to have gone viral. It explores what happens when the women featured in advertisements are replaced with men. The YouTube video that accompanies the article is even more enlightening. The punchline at the end of the YouTube video reads: “Seeing men like this is ridiculous…So why isn’t it with women?”

I wanted to leap out of my chair and give this video a standing ovation and one hell of a pat on the back. What an insightful question to ask. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself while watching men reenact the sexy moves and roles that women played in commercials. I mean, the guy reenacting the Hardee’s commercial—despite his great physique—looked like a damn fool while the female model looked unbelievably sexy and seductive while eating that burger (sorry dude.)

The fact of the matter—in my opinion, anyway—is, society has been conditioned to view and understand the roles of women portrayed in the media, in a certain way. The same conditioning applies to the way we (or most of us) see men. This Buzzfeed article and video do an exceptional job of making us aware of the relationship between our perceptions and the way we have been conditioned to think. Bravo Buzzfeed! And thank you for such an enlightening campaign!

This Is What Happens When You Replace The Women In Ads With Men

2 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Role Reversal? Yes, Please!

  1. When compared to each other it looks absolutely ridiculous, but the women on their own seems completely normal. It’s amazing how our society has normalized these features. I wonder what would happen if we had women reenact men’s commercials? What would we see there?


    1. I agree! Very interesting dichotomy and stigmatization of gender roles portrayed by the media. Thanks for reading!


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