Quick Hit: What’s Your Favorite Position?

A radio interview with Lauren Conrad, or “LC,” hosted by Sway in the Morning that aired in October 2012, has just recently resurfaced and gone viral.

Sway asked LC to pull a few random questions from a “mystery sack” during the interview. She pulled a piece of paper with a question asking, “What is your favorite position?”

LC gracefully paused and responded, “CEO.”

When I watched the interview for the first time, my little feminist mojo was screaming BOOM SHAKALAKA and throwing DJ Pauly D-worthy fist pumps into the air…

This interview is such a great example of a salient issue that dominates the global sphere of pop culture today. It is way too common to see an interview of an accomplished female celebrity that focuses either on men, sex, dating or relationships. Although LC started off as a reality TV star, we have to give her major props. She isn’t just “famous for being famous” anymore. The fashion icon has her own clothing line and is a published author. Here is a list of all 8 of her books:

  1. L.A. Candy (2009)
  2. Sweet Little Lies (2010)
  3. Sugar and Spice (2010)
  4. Lauren Conrad Style (2010)
  5. The Fame Game (2012)
  6. Lauren Conrad Beauty (2012)
  7. Starstruck (2012)
  8. Infamous (2013)

As demonstrated in this interview, LC is one smart cookie. The way she handled the interview was conscious-raising. In her response, she implicitly told Sway, and her audience, a lot of awesome stuff: 1) I am a strong, empowered woman. 2) I have better things to discuss than what I do in the bedroom. 3) I am taking control of this interview and exercising my agency as a woman.

Watch LC in action:

There you have it young fems. Pure genius. What’s your favorite position?

4 thoughts on “Quick Hit: What’s Your Favorite Position?

  1. Yes! I’m so glad you did a post about this. LC’s response could not have been more perfect. When I listened to this interview I got just as excited as you did! Love her, and I love that she took control of the situation because she set an amazing example.


    1. I completely agree. She has set the stage for females in the public eye to defy norms and speak out about what they think is important. Thanks for reading ChelleBelle!


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