Quick Hit: CoverGirl’s New Ad “GirlsCan” Is A Step In The Right Direction

The other day while scrolling through Facebook,  I saw an advertisement that caught my eye.

It was for CoverGirl with the title “GirlsCan” and a video that featured Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, Janelle Monae, Pink and Becky G that’s pretty awesome in my eyes.

Go ahead and watch it below:

Two thumbs up for CoverGirl in my book for taking a step in the right direction– and that is one that empowers women. On the #GirlsCan YouTube page, their statement for the movement is:

“COVERGIRL is about discovering, encouraging whatever it is that makes a girl take up the challenge; break those barriers and turn “can’t” into “can.” COVERGIRL knows that with every barrier she breaks, the world gets a little more easy breezy for the next girl. And a little more beautiful for all of us.”

I personally love how they’re doing something no other cosmetic brand has done before. That is empowering women of all ages to break those barriers that confine females into thinking they can’t, but the evident truth is; we certainly can and can do it better.

One thought on “Quick Hit: CoverGirl’s New Ad “GirlsCan” Is A Step In The Right Direction

  1. Xenawarriorprincess: I am SO glad that you wrote about this! I saw an ad on my Facebook newsfeed last week and made a note to myself to either write about it or tell someone to because it is an amazing campaign. I love the new direction Covergirl is going. They are defying the standard that the cosmetic and fashion industries have set for what is considered “beautiful.” I feel like their campaign is really effective–hopefully it will reach a lot of ears. GIRLS CAN.


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