Manthropology…A solution to your guy’s annoying habits!

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Have you ever read the magazine, Cosmopolitan? Well I was reading it the other day and skimming through the various articles about sex, style, and celebrities that are primarily devoted to women. Most of the topics are entertaining and act as a carefree read for any girl just wanting to look through a fun magazine. All was right with the world as I sat reading until I came upon this one article titled “Manthropology: 3 Annoying Guy Habits Not to Take Personally.” The title got my attention and what I found in the article was a “guide” into the male brain. Interested?? Keep reading…

Before I continue, let me just say that I feel as if this article not only offends women, but men as well. If I were a man, I would hate to think that “forgetting plans even after reminders” was a trait that I had in which my significant other should just ignore. These three “annoying habits” that are found in this Cosmo article are not necessarily characteristics of all men and frankly, generalizing them to all males is wrong. I am also pretty sure that any man who reads this article, will probably not want to admit that these are characteristics he posses. Let me tell you exactly what these habits were: “1. He doesn’t fix things right away, 2. He forgets plans even after reminders, and 3. He tells you to calm down.”

The three habits!!
The three habits!!

Now, I for one would not like my significant other to forget plans or continuously let things be broken when they need fixing. BUT! I’m in luck, because these habits can all be explained and I should not read into any of them as my man not taking our relationship seriously. The article has taken the liberty of giving me explanations for this type of poor, masculine behavior and has given new “insight” into the logic of men. For example, if he forgets plans even after being reminded, my logic may be to think I am not at the “forefront of his mind.” However, when looking at it from a male logic, one realizes that “unlike most women, who retain info like sponges, men suss out what’s important in the now and disregard the rest.” Sorry men if you thought you had a good memory, because Cosmo is here to tell you that you don’t and as a woman, I need to realize that so as to calm my little mind when you forget my sister is coming to visit.

I could go on with the other two examples, but you can see them in the picture of the article that I have attached. My view of this whole “manthropology” article is that it hurts men by generalizing poor characteristics to all men and as male behaviors in general. It also hurts women by telling us that we should be okay every time our man forgets or tells us to “calm down.” Of course in some cases these habits should not be considered all bad, but when a magazine tells me that men are incapable of knowing how to handle women when they get upset, I get a little worried. Once again though, it’s okay, because my next move is written out for me and all I have to do is say “Just let me vent for five minutes, then hug me.” Thank goodness Cosmo gave me a plan to deal with these habits because not only would I not know what to do, but my man (who can’t figure out for himself when he needs to hug me) would be just as lost.

What are your thoughts about these “annoying habits?” Have you noticed this in your own man and do you think these “solutions” are meant to be helpful?

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