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Rihanna Boo..The World is Laughing at You.


Ok let me just start off by saying I really love Rihanna. I like her songs, I like her style, I think she’s beautiful and a badass (which is awesome). Oh and also, I LOVE rap music. If you see me at a party, I will most likely be twerking (and doing it well if I do say so myself). My conflict with recently identifying myself as a feminist yet still loving rap music is certainly an issue I battle daily and I’m still trying to sort it all out because rap and hip hop are genres that I’ve grown up with and honestly, I’m not sure what I’d do without them. I will say though, that there are certain songs I literally can’t listen to because they make me sick to my stomach. This post is about one of those songs and its remix that I just really felt compelled to write about.

Anyone remember Glasses Malone? Yeah me either but he did make a few songs. One of them entitled Rihanna came out in 2012 and it created a lot of controversy. I saw an article about it on  that expresses my feelings exactly:

“He’s written a song about sex that makes a punchline out of an event that presumably had nothing to do with sex, and was prosecuted in court. Rihanna and Brown have had to deal with the consequences of the incident ever since, and they surely would find nothing clever about “#Rihanna’s” wordplay.”

Incase you were wondering, the lyrics go like this:

Treat it like Rihanna!
Beat it up, beat it up
Cause playin’ with the pussy ain’t enough
I’mma treat it like Rihanna!
Bitch, call me Chris Brown
She love how a nigga put it down
When I treat it like Rihanna

So Malone makes a profit out of relating violence against women, to sex. Oh but wait! That wasn’t enough.

Apparently everyone had to hop on the trend of not only laughing at Rihanna’s very real experience and making it into a joke, but also relating sex with a woman to violence. Sage the Gemini also got in on it and made a Rihanna Remix…which by the way has really stupid lyrics (example: only time you get her wet is if you had a fish).

Let me tell you what my main problem is with these two songs. RIHANNA IS IN THEM. Her music from the song “Rude Boy” is mixed in with the tracks. I’m sorry, but to me that is just awful. I did a lot of research and couldn’t find any sources where she spoke out about these songs which also made me really upset. I could understand if she came out and said something along the lines of “I had nothing to do with the production of those songs and I find them completely disrespectful” but I didn’t find that and it really hurt me. So many women (including myself) look up to Rihanna for having the lady balls to sing about her sexuality without caring what people think and that’s why these songs are a problem. They reduce her sexual agency, at least in my point of view.

Also, a tip for Sage and Malone, many women love rough sex but you have to communicate with them and make sure they’re okay with it before asserting that you’ll “treat it like Rihanna.” AND rough sex does not mean leaving a woman’s lady parts looking like Rihanna after she got abused by Chris Brown…just sayin.

Listen to the tracks and let me know your thoughts on this!

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