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Quick Hit: [Thigh Gap]se in Judgment

Check out this blog that was shared on my Facebook newsfeed. The blogger expresses how the media put out messages to tell women they “aren’t good enough” and how the media is always tell women ways to improve their selves again because we “aren’t good enough”.

Her search on thigh gap started when she saw a tweet that a guy had retweeted from an anonymous Greek Life account. It was a picture of a thin girl in her bikini from the neck down and the caption noted “That thigh gap though”. This part personally makes me furious! Like typical frat guy which is why I have such a huge problem with most frats!

Anyways Check out this blog in what all she posted about all of this.

2 Responses to “Quick Hit: [Thigh Gap]se in Judgment”

  1. steeleba

    This perfectly goes along with my post! I also watched this video where a girl had recorded her photo shopping a picture of herself and it was absolutely crazy how much she could change herself. #realwomen



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